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As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s pretty normal that people start to contemplate the year ahead of them, and the one they’re leaving behind.


For millennials especially, this time of year always sparks the nostalgia of getting ready to head back to school when you were younger or preparing your Halloween costume to go trick or treating with your friends in the neighborhood. But sorry Gen Y’ers —we’re getting old.


Not that it’s a bad thing, but we’re no longer the cool, young kids that big brands market to or the ones on social media kicking off all the latest dance crazes. Now you’re the one on Youtube wondering “how do these kids even come up with this?”

Generation Z slowly crept their way into taking over society. Whether it be through they’re unorthodox sound in music and pushing out tons of original content, or using the power of social media to create a brand for themselves before some of them even really knew what it mean to be a brand.

According to Vision Critical, “As the first true digital natives, Gen Z basically grew up with YouTube. That has an impact on how they view celebrities and who they consider to be influential. In fact, according to an infographic from Dana Communications, an overwhelming majority (67 percent) of Gen Zers prefer to see real people in ads, whereas only 37 percent of Millennials feel the same.”

But don’t go throwing the rest of your 20’s away just yet. There are many perks to aging out of the youngin’ party. You get to tell younger people “You don’t know nothing about this” when a oldie but goodie comes on. And instead of spending money to flex on social media for people you don’t like anyway, you invest it in to something meaningful — like home decor.


One Twitter user tweeted, “Know im getting old man headed to home decor stores comparing prices and sh*t. interior decorating a** n***a.” Another wrote, “I know I’m getting old cause I ordered a chair on amazon and im geekin for it to get here next week!!!!!!…..It’s a f**kin chair.”

Becoming an adult happens so quickly that you don’t usually realized you’re aging out of the young crowd until there’s a new hot trend that you either have no clue about, no clue how to do or no interest in learning. Like the new dance crazes for example.

So are you aging out of young and cool, or are you still keeping up with kids? Take the quiz below to find out.