Todd Akin’s sparked a huge controversy when he made comments last week about abortion in the case of rape stating that women could not get pregnant from “legitimate rape”. VIDEO: Really?!? Paul Ryan Is Proud Of His Pro-Life Record Paul Ryan has also chimed in his views on the topic during an interview with WJHL. The […]

Mitt Romney recently did an interview with CBS news where he revealed what he thought about sending troops to Syria. The 2012 presidential candidate stated that he believes we should send the troops if it will prevent the spread of chemical weapons. DETAILS: He Gets No Love! Mitt Romney Polling Unfavorable Among Women He stated: “I […]

In 2010, it was reported that more American soldiers killed themselves than died in combat and in the past two years, it appears things have gotten even worse. LIST: Close Your Legs! Paul Ryan’s War On Women Military officials are aware of the the tragic epidemic but are said to not know what is the […]

Mitt Romney revealed the deeper reason as to why he refuses to release more than 2 years of tax returns. He previously stated that he did not want the Obama administration to have ammunition against him, but according to Parade Magazine he is now saying that he does not want his donation amount to a […]

Is it a surprise that Money Mitt Romney isn’t getting any love from the females? STORY: No Love! Why Black People Ain’t Feeling Money Mitt Romney Female voters in swing states see Romney “out of step” on issues when it comes to women’s health. According to a new poll commissioned by Planned Parenthood’s advocacy arm, Romney […]

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is bringing up the birther issue. Money Mitt joined the birther team when he told a rally of supporters “no one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate.” STORY: He Gets No Love! Mitt Romney Polling Unfavorable Among Women  As reported by the Associated Press: The presumptive GOP nominee, joined […]

I’ve gotten used to conservative outlets throwing shit at the wall and calling it journalism, but the recent headline I saw in the Weekly Standard just illustrates why you have to laugh at this kind of thinking and swat it away like a pesky fly. President Barack Obama held a fundraiser last night with NBA […]

Is it even a surprise that Money Mitt Romney is receiving ZERO percent of the black vote? STORY: Where My Dawgs At? Mitt Romney Has Zero Percent Of The Black Vote Not to us, considering only a month ago he told the NAACP that if elected he would get rid of Obamacare right away. STORY: […]

Black people aren’t feeling Republican Presidential candidate Money Mitt Romney! STORY: Romney & Ryan Condemn Republican Comments On Rape & Abortion  President Barack Obama is pouncing Romney when it comes to black voters, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Obama has the black vote wrapped up by a whopping 94 percent to 0 percent. […]

Mitt Romney’s campaign was quick to condemn the comments made by Rep. Todd Akin after he said that pregnancy from forcible rape was rare. STORY: Legitimate Rape? Republican Congressman Says Rape Victims Have Ways To Shut That Whole Thing Down  According to the Hill, campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg released a statement:  “Governor Romney and Congressman […]

Money Mitt Romney went back and looked at his taxes over the past 10 years, and came to the conclusion that he has paid at least 13 percent in federal income taxes. STORY: Anger & Hate! Romney Tells Obama To Take It Back To The Chi!  Talking to the press in South Carolina, Romney disclosed […]

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has released his tax returns for the year 2010 and 2011. Reviewing the returns, we can see that Ryan and his wife Janna’s income level is in the low to mid-six figures. STORY: Money Mitt Romney Says He Pays 13 Percent In Taxes  The issue of taxes has been a crucial […]