Mitt Romney

Just a day after opining that President Barack Obama “hates” America, Rush Limbaugh found a new target in the eagerly anticipated Dark Knight Rises, a film which he suggested during his program on Tuesday was part of a liberal media conspiracy: STORY: Beating Around The Bush: Romney Explains Why He Won’t Release Tax Returns “Have you heard this new […]

Mitt Romney dismissed calls from within his own party Tuesday, which requested he release additional years of tax returns. He argues that some of his fellow Republicans don’t quite understand how destructive Democratic opposition research can be to Romney’s campaign. STORY: Down To Three! What You Need To Know About Romney’s Alleged VP Choices! Romney […]

What are you hiding Mitt Romney? That’s the central question everyone wants to know when it comes to Romney’s dealings with his former company Bain Capital and his tax returns, which he has refused to disclose publicly. Many in his own party are even telling him to just release the documents. According to Romney, he’s […]

Multiple reports indicate that Mitt Romney has narrowed down his short-list of potential vice presidential candidates to three. STORY: Domino’s Pizza, Staple’s, & Mitt Romney! Things To Know About Bain Capital Generally, the pick for VP shouldn’t weigh on a voter’s decision too heavily. But, with the recent passing of Obamacare, questions about Bain Capital, […]

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney needs a charismatic running mate in order to end the notion that he is too boring, and give himself a better chance against Obama in November. Story: No You Can’t! Mitt Romney Gets Booed At NCAAP Event Romney’s political opponent Barack Obama is regarded as a pretty cool guy. He […]

There’s no doubt Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will have to answer questions about his past dealings with private-equity, considering he was the CEO of Bain Capital. STORY: No You Can’t! Mitt Romney Gets Booed At NAACP Event With the recent reports that Romney remained CEO of Bain for years longer than believed, he has […]

Could it be a Romney/Rice ticket in November? Late Thursday evening, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign launched a new fundraising drive called “Meet The VP,” just as Romney himself has narrowed the field of candidates to a handful. STORY: No You Can’t! Mitt Romney Gets Booed At NAACP Event According to the Drudge Report, the name […]

Mitt Romney should know by now that if he plans on becoming the next President, he should expect everyone to delve into his past and dig up any information that may be detrimental to his White House plans. STORY: No You Can’t! Mitt Romney Gets Booed At NAACP Event  What’s admirable about Mitt is his […]

In an effort to get the black vote, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney made his best pitch to African-Americans at the NAACP’s annual meeting. STORY: Protesters Crash Mitt Romney’s Fundraiser! During his time onstage, a rain of boos echoed throughout the crowd when the conversation turned to Obamacare.  Romney said he would eliminate certain aspects of the law:  […]

Billionaire David Koch held a $50,000-per-person fundraiser for Governor Mitt Romney yesterday, July 8th at his home in the Hamptons. Yes, He Can? Mitt Romney CAN Beat Obama In The Presidential Race, And Here’s How! A local Southampton paper reports:  A blockade of local police, New York State troopers, a canine unit and federal authorities […]

Ann Romney says she worries that President Obama’s entire campaign strategy is to “kill Romney.” STORY: Get At Him! Barack Drops 2 Campaign Ads Going At Romney “I feel like all he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy,” she said, seated next to her husband, Mitt Romney, in an exclusive interview with CBS News chief […]

Republican super PACs and their top henchmen are gearing up for the 2012 election by outspending the Democrats. They plan to raise $1 billion to help oust President Obama come November. STORY: Bought & Sold! Super PACs Raising More Money Than GOD!  According to Politico, prominent conservatives including Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and Tom […]