Mitt Romney

According to Mitt Romney, he lost his bid for the presidency last week due to President Obama’s generous gift-giving tactics to Democratic constituencies, including African-Americans, Latinos and young people. VIDEO: Huh? Paul Ryan: We Didn’t Win Because Of The “Urban” Vote In a conference call with The New York Times, the two-time failed presidential candidate listed […]

Eric Hartsburg says he has no regrets about permanently stamping GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign logo on his face for $15,000. PHOTOS: That’s Cray! Indiana Man Permanently Tats Romney’s Name On His Forehead! Despite the fact that Romney has conceded the presidency to President Obama, Hartsburg says that he would not change his decision to get […]


  It is generally accepted that the most powerful man in the world is the President of the United States. After all, he controls the largest military in the world and holds the highest office in the greatest superpower. However, one could argue that at this time in history the most powerful man in the […]

  Kenneth Cole is known for his crafty one-liner ads that speak volumes, and this time around, he is dedicating the space to President Barack Obama.  Waiting for the election’s final results, Kenneth Cole, unlike Mitt Romney, drafted words for two political billboards ready for when the 45th President of the United States was announced.  […]

This week has been life-changing for President Obama, and good news keeps rolling in. He was just elected as President for a 2nd term in the 2012 Presidential Election against Mitt Romney, even though at one point the two seemed neck and neck in the polls. With some swing states still not coming forward with […]

Denise Helms, the 22-year-old California woman whose racist, threatening Facebook status about President Barack Obama went viral, might be having the worst week ever since her comment became public. Helms has since been fired from her job at a Turlock, Calif., Cold Stone Creamery, and the Secret Service is now looking into her comments. PHOTOS: […]

The Secret Service has been hard at work the last few months and have reportedly stopped multiple plots discovered to assassinate President Obama and Mitt Romney during their campaign runs. According to GQ, “several assassination plots were nipped in the bud” over the course of the campaign by Secret Service agents. DETAILS: Oh Damn! Secret Service […]

Durex Condoms’ new ad cleverly ties in the hype around the presidential election, however it is raising a few eyebrows! VIDEO: All Choked Up! Obama Sheds Tears While Thanking His Staff The condom company posted a photo suggesting that First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are demonstrating the size of their respective husband’s package. […]

The race between political foes Barack Obama and Mitt Romney finally came to an end when President Obama was reinstated as the U.S. Commander-in-Chief this Tuesday. STORY: Now What? What’s Up Next For Mitt Romney Many people will always remember the heated campaign election for its record-breaking spending, attack ads, and the epic “Big Bird” […]

On Tuesday, GOP nominee Mitt Romney lost the presidential election to Barack Obama, a campaign that he’s been running for over the last six years. BLOG: Victory For Vaginas! Good Riddance To Republican Rape Attackers! There’s no doubt that he and the Romney team took the defeat hard. After Obama’s win was announced, it took Romney […]

She held my hand tightly. Squeezing her pain into my body. Her eyes stared directly into mine and with a deep Jamaican accent, she said to me, “Me can’t beg, but I los’ everyting…my house is gon’.” We spoke the same language. She needed to say no more. The residents of Far Rockaway, Queens had […]

Tonight Mitt Romney took his final bow in his aspirations for the White House. STORY: Presidential Election Day 2012 Obama Vs. Romney: Results State-By-State The wealthy businessman lost the 2012 presidential election to Democratic incumbent Barack Obama, who gained major traction in key battleground states like Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania, solidifying his re-election. Initially, Romney was reluctant […]