Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has binders full of bitches, whoops, we mean women. DETAILS: Mitt Romney Avoids Paying Taxes Via Mormon Loophole With Election Day less than a week away, more and more political parodies are popping up. One that caught our attention is written and performed by Steve Colman, aka “Slick Mitt.”  “I got houses for […]

With less than a week remaining before the election, polls suggest that President Barack Obama is leading in Ohio, a key swing state that needs to be won if he is re-elected. STORY: Really?!? Anti-Obama Flier Equates Him To Hurricane Sandy A new Ohio poll released on Wednesday morning by CBS News, The New York Times and The Quinnipiac […]

From President Obama to Kanye West, many people have drawn attention to the fact that mulch-millionaire Mitt Romney avoids paying taxes. STORY: Wow! Mitt Romney Backs GOP Candidate That Trashed 50 Percent Of Americans! At the second presidential debate, Obama attacked the wealthy business man for paying “lower tax rates than somebody who makes a lot […]

Birds of a feather truly do flock together–at least when it comes to Mitt Romney and his poor people bashing cronies! PHOTOS: A Major Disaster! Hurricane Sandy Leaves East Coast Flooded, Wet And Dark Yesterday, Money Mitt urged Iowa voters to support GOP congressional runner John Archer, a candidate who trashed half the nation as government dependents […]

The latest polls show that the President and his opponent Mitt Romney are locked in dead heat with only one week left until the November election. PHOTOS: Star Power! Celebs Hit The Campaign Trail For Obama  The latest Washington Post/ABC News daily tracking poll finds that each candidate is receiving support from 49 percent of likely voters. That’s a […]

The genius who directed Marvel’s The Avengers, Joss Whedon, is sending a message to warn us all that the upcoming presidential election could bring on a “zombie apocalypse” if Mitt Romney wins the presidency. VIDEO: Madonna Gets Booed After Telling Fans In New Orleans To Vote Obama!  In a new mock political ad, the Buffy The Vampire Slayer […]

Last week we watched children solemnly sing about the possible end of civil society, where “sick people just die,” “oil fills the sea,” and we fight “endless wars on foreign soil” if GOP nominee Mitt Romney becomes president. VIDEO: Oh No! Joss Whedon Warns Of The Romney “Zombie Apocalypse!”  Today, world class filmmaker Joss Whedon released an ad explaining […]

Well, it really is about that time to pull out all the stops.  Last week we saw a PSA that was the work of Sarah Sophie Flicker, filmmaker and HelloGiggles blogger, who collected a group of ladies to lip-synch along to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” to produce a message loud and clear to Mitt Romney.  STORY: A Plethora […]

Just days away from the election the race between Mitt Romney and President Obama is tight but actor Martin Sheen it taking a stance and telling folks what exactly he thinks of Romney. VIDEO: Nice Look! Colin Powell: “I’ll Be Voting For” Obama At Wednesday backstage at Free The Children’s We Day youth rally in […]

The Presidential debates have ended and Election Day is nearing rapidly, but our boy President Barack Obama is cool as a cucumber.  During his bid for re-election, multiple sources have made accusations that the president isn’t an American born citizen and have asked on numerous occasions for President Obama to produce his birth certificate (to […]

Two women in Buffalo, NY recently rented cars from a Thrifty rental car place recently found ‘Vote For The American’ bumper stickers on their car. According to the Huffington Post, the women were told by employees that the stickers were put on the car from the franchise owner. VIDEO: Obama Jokes! My Rivalry With Trump Started […]

A Michigan man looking to make some extra cash permanently tatted Mitt Romney’s logo on his forehead for $15,000! LIST: The 411 On Mitt Romney’s Anti-Women’s Rights Clique!  Eric Hartsburg, a professional wrestler from Indiana, posted an ad on eBay stating that he would get any face tattoo that wasn’t offensive for a starting bid of […]