Mitt Romney

Earlier today, TMZ revealed that GOP nominee Mitt Romney lied under oath in order to protect his friend Tom Stemberg, the co-founder of Staples, in his messy divorce against his first wife Maureen. As a result, Maureen claims she struggled financially and lost her home. STORY: Mitt Lied Under Oath Of course, this comes as […]

President Obama triumphed over Governor Mitt Romney with a clear victory at the third and final presidential debate last night. STORY: Disrespectful! Ann Coulter Calls The POTUS A “Retard!”  But not only are some conservatives complaining about the outcome of the debate, there were others like Glenn Beck who voiced dismay towards the GOP nominee […]

Although the series of lively and highly entertaining presidential debates between President Obama and Governor Romney came to a close last night, each debate has left us with hashtags and quotable gaffes that we will always remember.   VIDEO: Caption This: What Did Tagg Romney Say To Obama After The Last Debate?  In the first debate, […]

It looks like Tagg Romney manned up and apologized to Mr. Obama for the crude remark he made last week about wanting to punch the President! VIDEO: The Final Showdown: Obama & Romney Face Off One Last Time After the second presidential debate at Hofstra University, Mitt Romney’s son Tagg caused a stir when he talked […]

President Obama shut it down last night at the third and final presidential debate, which focused on foreign policy, in a clear victory over his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. PHOTOS: Top 10 “Horses And Bayonets” Memes From The Debate!  The wealthy business man and GOP nominee stuck to his talking points and frequently derailed the […]

In 2008, President Obama pioneered social media politics during his campaign run. VIDEO: Hold Up! Gun-Touting Congressman Cocks Back A Rifle In New Ad! Now, with over 21 million Twitter followers and 31 million plus fans on Facebook, the President is clearly #winning in the social media realm! In comparison, Romney falls short to Obama’s popularity on different […]

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio defended Mitt Romney’s opposition to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, saying that the legislation will not fight against pay inequality for women.   PHOTOS: Romney Gets Ready For Some Football!  Appearing on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, the popular GOP senator stated that believing in fair pay for women is […]

Are you ready for some football?! VIDEO: LMAO! Tom Hanks Pokes Fun At The 2nd Presidential Debate On SNL Mitt Romney sure is! The Republican nominee took a break from preparing for the third presidential debate, to hit the sands at Florida’s Daytona Beach for a game of flag football on Sunday. Traveling reporters on the […]

The third and final presidential debate between the incumbent president Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney went out with a bang! The showdown was hosted at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida and moderated by CBS’ Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer. Its focus was on foreign policy and the topics of debate included: America’s role in the world, our […]

We’ve seen a lot go down in the past two presidential debates.  STORY: Kerry Washington: “Why I’m Voting For President Barack Obama…”  The two contentious candidates duked it out last week during the town hall-style debate at Hofstra University, while Obama supporters were shocked and disappointed to see the Democratic incumbent take a beat down at […]

Money, money, money, money! DETAILS: WINNING! Obama Trumps Romney In Social Media War Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax, because he’s too busy getting money and storing it in off shore accounts. Last week, GlobalGrind presented you President Obama’s “Get Hype” debate playlist, and this week, we present to you Mitt Romney’s “Get Money” debate […]

It’s the final round as we head into the home stretch of the Presidential election! The third and final debate, which airs tonight, will focus on foreign policy. PHOTOS: Hofstra University Is Pumped Up For Tonight’s Debate!  Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will square off at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida to discuss […]