R. Kelly hasn’t been very visible since news broke earlier this month that he’s allegedly the mastermind behind an abusive sex cult in Atlanta and Chicago. On Friday, the controversial singer finally resurfaced to speak out about the disturbing allegations — sort of. The 50-year-old recorded and posted a video clip, telling fans,  “Despite all of […]

R. Kelly has been getting comparisons to Bill Cosby after news broke that he’s the alleged leader of an abusive sex cult that targets young, impressionable women. Although the singer didn’t want to be compared to the controversial comedian, he added salt to the womb by hiring Cosby’s lawyer to represent him in court. According […]

George Washington University has revoked Bill Cosby's honorary degree amidst the scandal surrounding his sexual assault cases.

In the days since Bill Cosby was formally charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania, one of his attorneys has taken over the spotlight.


When asked if Cosby will take a plea deal, Pressley said, "No, my client's not guilty."