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In the days since Bill Cosby was formally charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania, one of his attorneys has taken over the spotlight.

While defending her client, Monique Pressley sat down with CNN and basically owned the entire interview. No matter what side of the argument you’re on regarding Cosby’s guilt or innocence, you can’t deny that this woman is good at her job.

Similar to a real-life Olivia Pope, Monique’s got it handled. Watch her work in the video below.

You might not agree with everything she says, but we’re all for giving props to a boss woman when we see one. So, who is Monique Pressley?

Here’s everything you need to know about Bill Cosby’s impressive attorney.

She hails from Galveston, Texas.

Before moving north to begin her career, Monique was raised in the Deep South.

Now, she’s based in Washington, D.C.

Prior to starting her own Pressley Law Firm, Monique served as the senior assistant attorney general in Washington, D.C.

And she’s a proud graduate of Howard University.

An HBCU alum, Monique graduated from Howard University School of Law.

Monique is an ordained minister.

Since being ordained in 2007, Monique has launched a worldwide evangelical ministry – Monique Pressley Ministries.

She’s hosted her own radio program.

So, that’s where she perfected her brilliant PR skills. Watch Monique debate Marc Lamont Hill on the Cosby case in the video above.

She’s voiced her support for Bree Newsome.

In an Instagram post over the summer, Monique shared an image of Bree removing the Confederate flag along with the caption, “NOW THAT’S A WOMAN.”

Most of all, she’s a mother.

Monique has two children, a daughter and a son.

SOURCE: NY Magazine, Independent, Jawbreaker | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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