MTV keeps the celebrity coming with their new VMA promo videos. First it was Lil Wayne rocking out and now Britney Spears parties hard in the latest installment of MTV’s VMA Promo videos.  Britney Spears gave Jersey Shore’s Pauly D a lusty lap dance in Canada last night.  The super tan guido with a blow out was all smiles as […]

Chris Brown is one of the most talented male R&B singers in the game. His heart warming tribute to Michael Jackson at the 2010 BET awards brought tears to his eyes as well as many other eyes across the nation who watched the broadcast. I almost shed a tear and a half myself. Yet, Chris Brown‘s […]

Yesterday I had the chance to sit down w/ Bill Bellamy at the world famous Caroline’s and talk about a bunch of things. When I walked in Huffington Post were setting up their camera and Bill bust out and says you’re from global grind right? I said how did you know, to which he replied […]


Ok everybody, we know you’ve probably seen a thousand of these pics floating around but we couldn’t help but join in on the joke. We love you Lil’ Mama but that VMA ish was hilarious!  Just to be clear, Lil’ Mama explained why she crashed Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance:  “I did not mean any […]


Wow-sers! Last night, “South Park” exposed rapper KANYE WEST to its hilarious wrath, ending an episode about ego and humility with a robo-voiced cartoon Kanye diving into the sea, singing about his gay fishhood. Yeah. Kanye is an avid blogger, so it’s no surprise he responded to the gay fish portrayal today on his site.

Just months before he died, George Carlin was looking into the face of death – and making it the butt of his jokes.’You know what I’ve been doing? Going through my address book and crossing out the dead people. It gives you a feeling of power, of superiority, to have outlasted another old friend,’ Carlin […]