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MTV keeps the celebrity coming with their new VMA promo videos. First it was Lil Wayne rocking out and now Britney Spears parties hard in the latest installment of MTV’s VMA Promo videos. 

Britney Spears gave Jersey Shore’s Pauly D a lusty lap dance in Canada last night. 

The super tan guido with a blow out was all smiles as Britney put her lady lumps near his face.

Britney’s been getting it poppin’ with all these lap dances lately. Maybe she’s trying to let out her inner freak?

Britney’s busy giving lap dances, but not too busy to skip out on being apart of MTV’s VMA promo video. 

First it was Lil Wayne rocking out and now Britney Spears parties hard in the latest installment of MTV’s VMA Promo videos. 

Dressed in a studded white blazer, Britney makes her way through a packed party as nostalgic pop songs play in the backround. 

PHOTOS x VIDEO: Britney Spears Throws Her ‘Femme Fatale’ On Her Boyfriend’s Neck During A Lap Dance

Britney’s hit song “Slave,” Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation,” Michael Jackson and Madonna all blasted out in the quick 30 second promo. 

Towards the end of the video, Britney busts out into one of her famous dance numbers. 

Watch Britney get freaky with Pauly D on Stage!

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