Heated protests over Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision on Nov. 21 not to sign the accords with the European Union have resulted in the toppling of a statue of Vladimir Lenin on Sunday, as outrage mounts over the government’s push for closer ties with Russia. Police are investigating the incident. Ukraine’s government news agency said a lawmaker […]

A woman named Dorothy Hendrix in South Carolina has been shot dead after being involved in a shootout with a gang of three people outside her home. According to WYFF4, the 76-year-old was shot twice before finding the strength to shoot one of the members in the stomach. She shortly died from her wounds after. […]

As supporters call for Dearborn, Michigan police to arrest the man who fatally shot 19-year-old Renisha McBride on Nov. 2, her autopsy is revealing more about the night she was killed. A medical examiner has determined that the teen was shot in the face, not at close range. She was allegedly slain by the homeowner […]

On Thursday, Baltimore marked its 200th homicide in 2013 when a woman was found on a sidewalk with a gunshot wound. The shooting comes on the heels of news that the city made its 1000th gun arrest in 2013, according to the Baltimore City Paper. But the unwanted milestone also revealed an interesting fact — […]

Following the arrest of a suspect who led police to the missing bodies of a Mississippi family, police have arrested a second man in connection with their deaths. Cedric Mason was taken to the Copiah County, Mississippi jail after authorities linked him with the killing of Atira Hughes-Smith, her 7-year-old son, Jaidon Hill, and her husband, […]

Here’s another piece to the National Security Agency’s never-ending spy story. In a report in the Spanish paper El Mundo, it was revealed that the NSA monitored more than 60 million phone calls in Spain over a 30-day period last year. That’s not all. The system allegedly used by the NSA was also capable of […]

Now this is a real life Halloween fright. Police have released more information about the eery murder of Danvers High School math teacher Colleen Ritzer. According to several witnesses, Ritzer caught Philip Chism, the 14-year-old student accused of murdering her, drawing in her class and asked him to stay after school. The Boston Globe reports: “He […]

The “nice, quiet” kid who was arrested yesterday after authorities found a Massachusetts teacher dead in the woods is pleading not guilty to her murder. A judge ordered Philip Chism, 14, to be held without bail on a murder charge at an arraignment hearing. He will be tried as an adult. Now, authorities in Danvers, […]

Nothing lasts forever, not even New York City’s utopian week without homicide. After a seven day stretch with no murders, the city witnessed 12 shootings in 10 hours between Friday and Saturday. Six people were killed in those shootings. Four of those killings occurred in the Bronx, another two in Brooklyn. No arrests have been […]

Here’s some good news. New York City has gone an entire week without murder, from October 7 through Sunday, according to the mayor’s office. The NYPD reported no homicides during those seven days in the same city that was once known for an average of six murders a day. But this isn’t the first time […]

A fifth grade boy has been convicted for conspiracy to kill one of his fellow classmates by stabbing her to death. According to the NY Times, the child’s name has been withheld due to child privacy laws, but the situation was most likely fueled by “simple anger”. The site reports: Judge Allen Nielsen of Stevens […]

The murder case of Aaron Hernandez is really taking a toll on his loved ones. This week, the girlfriend of the former New England Patriots star was indicted for perjury after being connected to the murder of his friend. According to the NY Post, Shayanna Jenkins was indicted on one count for the murder of […]