Nicolas Cage


Monday is the last day to get your taxes in, prompting people across the nation to run here, there and everywhere trying to decipher those pesky 1040’s that seem to get more and more complicated as the years go on. PHOTO: Blowing Money Fast, Billionaire Balling But what’s keeping you from throwing what has to […]


The first White House resident to be born in the 21st century, 9-year-old Sasha Obama looks like she has a pretty decent sense of style going. When I was 9, I wore fuzzy leopard leggings with a bubblegum pink Lily Pulitzer t-shirt and thought I was working it. I now realize that was not the […]


The Obamas’ vacation came to an end on Sunday, so gg family tell us what you think of the first lady holiday attire. Did she hit or miss?