Since being named NYU Tisch School of the Arts' Artist-in-Residence, Pharrell Williams has not only soaked up plenty of knowledge from students, but also expounded on his own experience in the industry.

The 17-year-old Chicago native, who moved with her family into the White House in 2008 when her father first became president, is set to graduate high school this spring and is considering Barnard College and New York University.


According to a new poll by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation, 49 percent of Americans believe that racism is a “big problem.”


Sixteen people were shot in a hail of gunfire Sunday night at Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans. According to reports, multiple people began firing shots into a crowd of more than 300.

New York University surgeons have successfully performed one of the most extensive face transplants ever.

Jay Z has been making major moves to change the face of music and how it is distributed to listeners, and now he’s here to answer all of your tough, important questions about the music-streaming service. As a service whose mission is very much for the financial benefit of the artist and their music, many […]

Amanda Bynes is not letting 2014 end without her name in the news. The actress, who was under the radar for a minute while she attended fashion school in California, has resurfaced and is exhibiting some more bizarre behavior. Amanda was spotted acting awkwardly earlier this week as she rode her bike through NYC traffic, and as of Tuesday […]

It looks like bullying extends further than grade school. Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito has been suspended indefinitely after reports of constant bullying and abuse towards his teammate Jonathan Martin and other rookie players. According to the Miami Herald, Incognito and other players forced new recruits to pay for lavish meals, some totaled up to […]

Okay, so this creep’s name is Ross Finocchio. And he’s a distinguished art history professor at NYU. But he’s also a pervert. And this is his story. According to the NYPD, art isn’t the only thing the 34-year-old professor is studying. He was arrested Monday after a customer told the manager of a West Village boutique […]

There’s probably no one on the planet who knows more about music than Questlove, the drummer of The Roots. His musical knowledge is unparalleled. That’s why he’s the perfect man to teach a course on music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Art! DETAILS” The Ultimate Playlist: Questlove Finishes Blue Ivy Carter’s iPod  This upcoming spring […]

When the prestigious institution New York University announced that they were inviting “Wonton Soup” rapper Lil B to give a lecture, confusion swept intellectuals and hip-hop heads alike.  DETAILS: WORD?! Lil B Is The New Madonna? The former The Pack rapper has been known for his odd declarations, such as referring to himself as a […]