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Kerry Washington is pretty much all anyone can talk about since she landed her role as the first Black leading lady in what must be eons for primetime network television. Sure, for as far back as we can remember (aka the last 2 years) Kerry has been pulling in the classiest of roles; everything from the […]

Oh Em Gee! Halloween is like, this week, and you haven’t gotten a chance to shop for a costume, have to work late every night, yet have social obligations that ironically require a costume. You have two options. 1. Be the grumpy holiday hater you are and opt out of dressing up. 2. Work with […]

This week’s Scandal was explosive and like every week, we’re going to give you the hottest and most informative tweets from live tweeting through “Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington.” In this episode, we learn more about Huck and Olivia Pope’s dad Rowan, aka King of the Illuminati. We also kick off the beginning of Liv’s […]

This week’s Scandal was titled “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” but it could have been called “Presidential Balls,” because this week, Fitz pulled off a stunning move as Liv went for White House blood! With that said, this post has spoilers! We’re going to post the best tweets about last night’s episode, so if you […]

Last night’s Scandal picked up right where it left off! Kerry Washington, aka Olivia Pope, is being bombarded by reporters after someone leaked her name to the media, announcing she was the one having an affair with the President. The scene starts with Olivia and her father Rowan Pope in the limo, with Rowan chewing […]

Julianne Hough heads home after a tough work out. You go, girl! Ron Livingston struts his stuff outside ArcLight studios in L.A. Selena Gomez shows off her long stems in this gorgeous green gown at the Teen Choice Awards! Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis cozy up on the red carpet at the premiere of Drinking Buddies. […]