Paris Jackson

  UPDATE: 10:34PM Sunday July 22, 2012 Jermaine Jackson has just released a statement explaining the “missing persons report” of his mother, Katherine Jackson: UPDATE: 10:58AM Sunday July 22, 2012 It seems that the “missing” Katherine Jackson is in Arizona at a hospital treatment center.  Last night, Katherin’s nephew, Trent, filed a missing person’s report […]

Paris Jackson is like the Wu Tang Clan – nothing to eff with.  Michael Jackson‘s daughter lashed out at her aunts and uncles for trying to steal her father’s estate from their mother Katherine.  REPORT: Michael Jackson’s Tiger Dies Of Lung Cancer According to reports, Randy, Jermaine, Janet, Tito and Rebbie signed a letter asking […]

Three years ago today, we lost the King of Pop. While Michael Jackson is remembered as the greatest music legend ever, he is also remembered for his creative style. In remembrance of his life and his legacy, it is prime time to highlight some of his most iconic pieces, that have been tried and multiplied, but no […]

Nearly three years later, Oprah Winfrey caught up with Paris Jackson to discuss the tragic death of her father, the “King of Pop.” DETAILS: Paris Jackson Ignores Janet’s Warning & Heads To Hollywood The 14-year-old first spoke to Oprah with the majority of the Jackson family, including Katherine and Joe back in 2010. But, most […]

Janet Jackson is urging her 14-year-old niece Paris Jackson to enjoy her childhood while she still can! Growing up in the limelight is something that Janet knows all too well and the pop superstar claims she doesn’t want to see her niece, who is an aspiring actress, get wrapped up in Hollywood at such a […]

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, recently took to her Instagram account to share some personal pics with her followers. From hanging out with friends to showing off what looks like temporary tattoos, Paris is living a typical teenager’s life! DETAILS: The King Of Pop Raised A Princess In Paris Jackson The 13-year-old caught heat for posting some racy photos […]

It’s refreshing to see how close knit the second generation of the Jackson 5 are, but it is even more refreshing to see Micheal Jackson fans giving the family so much love. Paris, Prince and Blanket were out with cousins Jaafar and Jermajesty checking out a movie, when they ran in to a faithful fan […]

No more costumes for Paris Jackson!  The 13-year-old girl was spotted enjoying a frozen yogurt after her day at school like any normal teenager. Paris sported her school uniform and rocked some red high top Chucks and her brother Prince and several bodyguards accompanied the pop royalty while she stopped for the snack. DETAILS: Paris Lands […]

Princess of Pop Paris Jackson finally did her first interview! The 13-year-old appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show for an episode that taped earlier this week. DETAILS: Paris Jackson Lands Her First Movie Role! In her chat with Ellen, Paris shares some intimate moments about her father, the iconic Michael Jackson. She says: “He said, ‘If I die […]

Anyone who is kin to the Jacksons are bound to be superstars, it is in their blood and Paris Jackson is the first of the young Jacksons to step out on her own.  The only daughter to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has been cast in her first feature film. PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Beats The […]

Paris Jackson has undoubtedly learned a lot from her father, Michael Jackson. Paris, like her dad is wise beyond her years, showing at a young age that it’s better to live life by your own rules than to limit yourself the norms. PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Bruises The Boys On The Football Field The 11-year-old has […]

Michael Jackson‘s kids are just as unique and talented as their dad. Case in point: Paris Jackson took on the boys as the only female member of her varsity flag football team as they whipped their opponents at her Los Angeles private school yesterday. DETAILS: Paris’ Reaction To Her Father’s Passing Revealed The King of Pop’s […]