Paula Deen

There’s a lot of speculation and a lot of different opinions about Paula Deen‘s racial slurs and attitude towards her co-workers. The Food Network has already decided to drop her contract, meaning her program Paula’s Home Cooking will no longer appear on the network. Now, the QVC is deciding whether or not they should also ditch […]

 It looks like Paula Deen has really dug herself a grave this time! The Southern comfort food recipe Queen was fired from Food Network this past week after evidence was revealed in a deposition that she used racist slurs against black people. Now, more evidence from her past is coming forward to show that she […]

  Paula Deen was knocked off her pedestal quicker than you can utter the words “fried chicken” this past week but now her ex-hubby is coming to her defense. After the now former Food Network chef was exposed of using the n-word and being fond of slavery-themed weddings, Paula has been the center of controversy […]

UPDATE: 4:10PMEST Paula Deen released a second apology video but it doesn’t seem to matter because she was just dropped by the Food Network. The network just released a statement saying: “Food Network will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of this month.” —— Paula Deen has stirred up a […]

We already told you about one of our used-to-be favorite chefs Paula Deen and her affinity for slave-themed weddings and the n-word, but she’s clearing up those allegations. Not in the best way, however. While dealing with a lawsuit brought against her and her brother, Paula doesn’t deny she’s used racial slurs before, but says she only […]

I’m a Food Network watchin’, self-proclaimed chef, butter lovin’ food fanatic and I adored Paula Deen. Operative word? Adored. As in past tense.  I have probably made everything from her show, Paula’s Home Cooking. Everything except the Krispy Kreme donut burger that probably gave her diabetes. I value my life too much for that. So […]

Nowadays, you can’t trust a white woman cooking soul food! Paula Deen has a lawsuit with Lisa Jackson; former General Manager at her Savannah, Georgia restaurant, for “use of the N-word by Paula and sexual harassment and infliction of distress and assault by her brother Bubba Hiers.” The cooking host allegedly said some very racist […]

And to think, sweet ol’ Paula Deen who can throw down in the kitchen was my grandmother in my head. But when it was revealed today that Paula’s idea of a fabulous wedding included a slavery theme? Well…we’ve got a problem on our hands “ya’ll.” According to a former employee of Paula Deen Enterprises, Paula […]

Last week Anthony Bourdain threw havoc over Paula Deen’s new endorsement deal for diabetes treatment Victoza. This week, she’s reaching out a backhand and responding with major attitude. DETAILS: Paula Deen is Gettin’ Rich Off of Diabetes  The Georgia peach chef appeared on ABC’s talk show The Chew to discuss her diabetes diagnosis and her debut […]

Anthony Bourdain is putting Southern belle and butter-lovin’ cook Paula Deen right on front street, as he mocks her for spiking Americans with unhealthy foods. Now, the fiery chef claims Paula is trying to profit off their ever-growing illness too! DETAILS: Brown Rice Lowers Diabetes Risk Bourdain lashed out on Twitter: “Thinking of getting into […]


Jamiroquia – the British jazz funk and acid jazz band best known for their song  and video for ‘Virtual Insanity‘ off of Traveling Without Moving – have released their newest video for the song ‘White Knuckle Ride.’ If you can’t quite remember ‘Virtual Insanity,’ it’s the video that takes place in a room where the […]

Hello Global Grind it’s @shontelle_layne I used to spend all my summers in New York growing up so it’s sort of like a second home. I didn’t want to blow my whole advance just to have a loft in the city or a studio apartment with no space, so I wanted to see what was […]