Faux leather, pleather, call it what you may, the most “in” name for the trend that’s sweeping the style blogs is vegan leather, because everyone wants to feel like they’re doing something good while looking good, right? Right. The marketing buzzword is used for faux leather products made from synthetic materials like polyurethane and PVC, and […]


Last weekend I got to exhale. As an animal rights activist this is no easy feat. We hold our breath a lot, praying and fighting for the best outcome but always prepared for the worst. Such is the life of an activist. However, some days we get a break. Some days, we even get to […]

PETA alleges that eating chicken wings could shrink your baby’s penis size. This ‘news’ comes in advance of the National Buffalo Wing Festival. According to a letter from PETA to Drew Cerza, the founder of the festival, “The latest scientific evidence shows that the sons of pregnant women who consume chicken are more likely to have smaller […]

Who knew that an apron made of lettuce could be close to this much hotness and not wilt? Tia Mowry has gotten her post-baby body all the way back in shape, and now we think we know what she can thank for it: Veganism.  The actress is the latest talent to align with People For […]

Animals are out here winning!  Thanks to Marx Okon, an ex-stockbroker, entrepreneur and business consultant, pet owners suffering from a disappointing economy will no longer have to give up their furry companions due to a lack of funds. Okon has created a non-profit organization called Pet Food Stamps. People who are on government assistance can apply the […]

Animals, one. Humans, zero.  Just this week Luxembourg-based court has decided to give seals a chance at life when they supported the European Union’s three-year ban on seal products.  The ban is another ban placed in favor of animals. In March, the European Union announced a ban on all cosmetics that include ingredients tested on animals. […]

If you were grossed out by those horse meat stories making headlines a couple weeks ago you might want to start getting used to the idea, at least if you live in Oklahoma. The state took a step toward allowing livestock owners to slaughter horses for food on Friday when the governor signed a bill […]

What’s the maximum you might spend on one t-shirt? For some, spending a few hundred on a t-shirt might be acceptable based on your budget, but how about $91,500?! PHOTOS: Comme Des Garcons & Hermes Go Black & White For 2nd Round Of Silk Squares No, we didn’t accidentally add an extra two 0s to […]

  One encounters more than enough hurdles when they make the decision to live a cruelty-free lifestyle, and one of the first steps is nixing fur from their wardrobes. But who can you trust when the labels lie?! According to disturbing new reports, major retailers were caught passing off real fur as faux fur and […]

  After a long and hard battle with the cosmetics industry, the European Union has announced a ban on all cosmetics that include ingredients tested on animals.  The prior ban that was instated in 2004 and currently remains in place, said that the testing of finished cosmetic products on animals would be a practice banned […]

Taraji P. Henson is smoldering in the new “Be an Angel for Animals” PETA ad campaign. Henson was shot by celebrity photographer Don Flood, holding the cutest little Yorkie – her own dog named Uncle Willie. He almost stole the show except for the fact that Henson appears wearing little but a bit of sheer fabric. […]

  PETA is taking off their gloves and getting ready to fight dirty with retail brand Bebe.  People for Ethical Treatment of Animals was once in the corner of the ring with Bebe, but after uncovering some dirt on the company, they want to wash their hands of the brand.  PHOTOS: PETA PATROL: PETA Blasts Olsen […]