Photo Credit: Beth Cocuzzi Well well well what do we have here? The Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who are staples in the fashion world, are unfortunately using their vanity and the pursuit of making a blessed buck at the expense of innocent sentient beings.  Their fashion line The Row is offering a bag that […]

We see the undercover investigation videos of animals being violently tortured everyday with no one being held responsible…until now. STORY: Stop The Slaughter! End Canada’s Inhumane Treatment Of Seals A new Mercy For Animals undercover video reveals how animals are treated at a livestock auction in California, showing a continuous pattern of cruelty, egregious violence […]

Do your part and help stop Canada’s annual massacre of baby seals! STORY: PETA PATROL: Petco Cut Puppy’s Ear Off – Then Glued It Back On! Every year, the Canadian government allows hundreds of thousands of seals to be slaughtered in the annual war on seals. These gentle animals are shot or have their skulls […]

Uh oh! The PETA Police have arrived! DETAILS: KEEP IT REAL BOY! Kanye’s History Of Putting People On Blast! Rapper Kanye West released his sickest lyrics on “Theraflu” late Wednesday night, and now he’s in trouble with the PETA police.  Kanye released his wrath on a lot of haters in “Theraflu” and PETA was a […]

Sophie Ellis Bextor is the latest celebrity to lend their body to PETA for a public service announcement in a campaign to end animal cruelty. STORY: PETA PATROL: Guy Tattoos His Sphinx Cat! The English born singer, songwriter, model and occasional DJ holds up a dead fox carcass with the caption reading “Here’s the rest of […]

PETA has been going hard at Kim Kardashian for some time now, attacking the reality T.V. star for her decision to wear products made from animals such as leather and fur, but after being flour bombed at a red carpet event late last week, Kimmie is taking the flour throwing woman to court. DETAILS: Kim […]


Wacka Flocka Flame says: “Pick on someone your own size!” While down in Georgia, Bricksquad artist Wacka Flocka took a trip to Atlanta’s Humane Society and paid a visit to a few of man’s best friends. DETAILS: CONGRATS! Russell Simmons Named PETA’s Person Of The Year!   PETA came along and captured the event all […]

Somebody needs to call PETA ASAP! The Petco pet supply chain is being sued after one of their groomers cut off part of a puppy’s ear and then tried to cover it up by gluing it back on, claims the store’s owner. STORY: PETA PATROL: Guy Tattoos His Sphynx Cat!  Gladys Kapuwi is now suing […]

Olivia Munn is the latest sexy celebrity to be featured in PETA’s series of nude ads! Photographed by Emily Shur, the new ad shows the actress sitting without clothes next a bunny with the slogan “Who Needs Fur To Feel Beautiful?” near her haunches. STORY: Russell Simmons Named PETA’s Person of The Year! Munn had […]

Two weeks into 2012 and Chris Brown may have already found himself in a minor controversy.  MUSIC: Chris Brown Feat. K-Mac: Mona Lisa  That boy Chris Breezy just released a new promo picture for his latest album, F.A.M.E. In the picture, Chris Brown is seen wearing a full striped fur coat.  Ruh-roh. DETAILS: Lips Sealed! […]

Well, this is unexpected: PETA has unveiled a slew of stamps with famous vegans, days after the US Post Office has announced it is cutting back services. PETA PATROL: Super Mario Brothers Targeted For Fur PETA, known for their outrageous campaigns that promote vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights all together, launched a limited edition of Photo […]

I read a book back in July called “Be Your Own Mentor” by Sheila Wellington. It made me realize something very valuable. Although I find myself surrounded by successful women, none of them I can consider a mentor or a role model. Why is that? After last week’s “incident” on Twitter (shameless plug, follow me […]