Experience the story of THE HUNGER GAMES — 64 years before Katniss Everdeen volunteered as tribute in the new trailer!

Dwyane Wade and wife Gabriel Union are about to their own show on HGTV.

Taylor Schilling and Peter Dinklage both have a new gig. The stars of Orange Is The New Black and Game Of Thrones are teaming up to spend quite some time together in A Month In The Country. The Ivan Turgenev comedy will be produced off-Broadway at Classic Stage Company, directed by Dinklage’s wife, Erica Schmidt. Schilling […]

Last night, Game of Thrones delivered another epic episode. Not only did the episode spark four trending topics on Twitter, it also introduced some new characters, including members of the Iron Bank and the son of the Meereen Masters. If you watched Game Of Thrones last night, it’s time to go inside the episode, which you […]

Last night Game of Thrones did it again with episode 2 of season 4 The Lion and The Rose or how fans on Twitter are calling it, The Purple Wedding. SPOILER ALERT! If you are not caught up with Game of Thrones, do not continue reading. You’ve been warned! The Lion and The Rose features a great battle […]

Jennifer Lawrence‘s to-do list appears to go something like this: win an Oscar, strip down, and get painted blue. And that’s exactly what the smoking hot 22-year-old actress did for her role as Mystique in the new movie X-Men: Days Of Our Past Future, which recently started filming. Director Bryan Singer shared the sexy flick on Twitter, […]

It’s hard to see some people as immediate sex symbols. Even Ryan Gosling wasn’t making girls swoon 10 years ago, but one of the most unlikely actors is slowly creeping into sex symbol territory and he may be a little…um…shorter than you’re used to. Playboy got a chance to sit down with none other that […]


A sick wack job flashed a woman on the train and he got what he deserved.  A verbal beatdown! All she knows is that her plans are done for the night and she’s not leaving his side until he’s cuffed and in a squad car! Apparently, a young lady was flashed on the NYC subway […]