As the fight against police violence aimed at the Black community wages on, new reports state Waycross cops opened fire on juveniles over the weekend; details inside.

The unarmed man killed after dealing with the Minneapolis police had deep roots in Houston.

Back in February, a Lake County deputy thought he was Denzel Washington in Training Day back. Now he’s fired. If anyone knows anything about the 2001 film Training Day, you’d know that Washington plays a crooked cop who uses excessive force and corrupt tactics on the job. For some reason, Deputy Dean Zipes thought it was appropriate to […]

A Baltimore school police officer, captured slapping and kicking a student last month in a viral video, will not face child abuse charges, reports The Baltimore Sun.

While video cameras captured the controversial arrest and Grays' compliance, what they didn't capture was what happened in the vehicle after officers pulled off.

The video, which shows the unidentified officer slapping the teenager twice — loud enough to hear the impact— before kicking he or she as they walk down the stairs, has prompted the suspension of both officers involved in the incident.

A 911 caller reported that a Black male wearing a hoodie and a bandana was waving a firearm in the parking lot at about 7:15 p.m. on Friday night.

The child's estate owes $500 for "emergency medical services rendered as the decedent’s last dying expense."

Shaun Mouzon seeks more than $1.2 million in damages. Around the same time he announced the federal lawsuit, the gun charges were dropped.

The cop fired his service weapon, striking the girl's father in the arm. The bullet passed through him, hitting Ciara and killing her.

The family of a woman Chicago police say was accidentally shot by an officer have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city.