It’s like an unspoken thing in millennial culture (or every generation for that matter) that once you finish school, the best places to start your life and get a good job is New York City or Los Angeles. Whether you’re an aspiring actress or a veteran bartender, NY and LA have been force fed to […]

 It’s January 22nd and I want to know is it still New Year, new you? I brought in the new year roaming around in the wilderness of Portland Oregon. During my vacation I decided to take advantage of the All-Wheel Drive on the 2018 Buick Enclave to explore the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Since the […]

Whiteness History Month is actually a thing, at least at a college in Portland, Ore.


An officer from Portland, Ore. was pulled from the patrolling a Black Friday protest after he condemned Black Lives Matter on Twitter.

We’ve heard of the occasional freak-out occurring on a plane, but we’ve never heard of anything like this. A man on a JetBlue flight heading to Portland, Oregon was arrested and charged for second-degree criminal mischief and offensive littering after urinating on the passengers. Complex reports: Accordingo to KOIN 6, Jeff D. Rubin was arrested […]

UPDATE 12/13/14 11:19 A.M. A suspect has officially been arrested in connection to the shooting at a Portland, Oregon alternative high school on Friday. It has been confirmed that the shooting injured not three, but four students, impairing one of them critically. WashingtonPost reports: Members of the department’s gang enforcement team stopped a vehicle at […]