And you thought you were getting some new roads. Turns out the price of housing inmates in New York City is about $167,000 per head – which means most of your taxpayer money is going to crime that doesn’t pay. According to the New York Post: The city spent about $167,000 per inmate last year […]

A prison riot involving as many as 50 inmates broke out in Rikers Island when an argument over a grilled cheese sandwich escalated. Yep, you read that right. Members of the Dominican Trinitarians were upset after their rivals refused to let them cook the melty goodness on a kitchen hot plate. And that’s when shit […]

Post-prison life is not easy, but it also doesn’t help when your name is Ja Rule. Just days after his house-arrest came to an end, the rapper sat down with Complex for his first post-prison interview. Throughout the chat, the Murda Inc. emcee does not fail to mention how he wants and deserves a second […]