Love and basketball was in full swing for one lucky couple at a 76ers game. Check out Fox‘s beautiful proposal to Tayla in the video below, which has since gone viral — even getting love from Diddy himself.

Asking someone out to the prom can already be a scary moment. So it’s surprising that one high schooler wanted to up the tension when he asked out his date. Watch below as he gets the police involved just to catch his girl’s attention.   Surely, the girl’s heart stopped…for one reason or another. […]

Extravagant proposals are all the rage these days — but we can’t forget about the simple and creative ones. Melanie Fiona‘s longtime boyfriend Jared Cotter kept it original and artist by proposing to the singer in the middle of a photoshoot with their baby boy. Her reaction was priceless.   The beautiful part about this […]

Relationships can be full of surprises, especially if you’re involved with a jokester. College graduate Chelsea understood this firsthand when her boyfriend, Chris, proposed to her. She literally thought he was pulling a prank. Watch her reaction turn from disbelief to tears in the heartwarming video below.   The touching moment has since gained over […]

Jeffrey Agan Sr., 52 and Lorrie Agan, 51, were married in 1989, and had eight kids together before divorcing in 2014 — but that wasn’t the end of their love story. According to Buzzfeed, “After a few years of reflection, growth, and counseling, they started talking again and then dating again. And on Dec. 22, […]

Love is in the air for this California couple. Freddy Lopez and his girlfriend have gone viral after a video of their proposal surfaced online. Lopez surprised his wife by asking her to marry him on her last day of chemotherapy. Grab your tissues.  

Nazanin Mandi has a huge year ahead of her - probably one of the most memorable years of her life.