As the days draw closer to an answer from the grand jury involving the fate of Officer Darren Wilson, GlobalGrind revisits a special moment that helped define what civil disobedience is in Ferguson, Missouri – the “Weekend of Resistance.” The four-day rally, also known as “Ferguson October,” brought together people from all over the country […]

This weekend, protesters are coming together to stand up against the Ferguson Police Department by way of a highly publicized “Weekend Of Resistance.” It kicked off on Friday, with protestors hitting the street to send an important message to authorities. During the protests, a man named Koran Addo was taking photos from afar, when he happened to […]

Yesterday, 13 people protesting outside of the Ferguson Police Department were arrested and held in jail for 18 hours before being released. According to the Huffington Post, the protestors were forced to wear orange jumpsuits while they waited for an update on their arrest, and had bails set as high as $2,700. The site reports: […]

This football season, CoverGirl signed on as the official beauty sponsor of the NFL, launching their #GetYourGameFaceOn campaign. They had no idea one of their images, which shows various models sporting looks and colors inspired by football teams, would be used to express outrage against the Baltimore Ravens and league commissioner Roger Goodell. In the […]

I’ve never been pulled over by the cops when I hadn’t done anything wrong.  I’ve never been asked for identification for no apparent reason.  I’ve never been stopped and frisked.  I’ve never been asked to empty my pockets. I’ve never been followed by the police so they could “run my plates.” And certainly I’ve never been […]


Washington Washington Football Team veteran safety Brandon Meriweather led his fellow defensive backs out onto FedEx Field Monday night to pay tribute to Michael Brown amid growing protests in Ferguson, Mo. Meriweather, along with the other defensive backs, came out of the tunnel and onto the field with their arms raised, referencing reports that Brown raised his hands in surrender […]


As protests in Ferguson move into their second week, tensions between residents and police continue to grow, extending to the media as well. The National Guard arrived in Ferguson, Mo. on Monday to join local police in an attempt to control protesters. But CNN’s Don Lemon, whose face suggests he just wasn’t ready for that kind of […]

UPDATE: 1:30 PM EST Shortly after Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced he would deploy the National Guard in Ferguson to help quell the unrest the city has been experiencing for a week, GlobalGrind’s own Russell Simmons took to Twitter to offer his perspective on what justice looks like: Police sensitivity training ,diversity initiatives, body cameras […]

Just days after the shooting death of 18-year-old Mike Brown, GlobalGrind flew out to Ferguson, Mo. to get some answers regarding the teen’s death and see first-hand what was transpiring between protestors and police. Brown, who was unarmed at the time, was shot and killed by a police officer who claims the teen attempted to reach […]


Tiffany Mitchell, a woman who told detectives that she witnessed the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, shared her story on CNN Wednesday night. Accompanied by her attorney, Mitchell explained how as she was driving by the scene when she noticed Brown trying to pull away from an officer as the two were “tussling through […]