Peep's family and fans keep his memory alive with a new music video.

Nelly is a free man after a woman accused him of rape. 

The age-old new school vs. old school argument resurfaced again this week when influential producer Pete Rock called out new school rappers. His statements seem to be in response to Waka Flocka blaming the older generation for any problems in hip hop today. Pete responded with, “You’re not doing what we did, haven’t accomplished what we […]

Chance the Rapper caused a bit of talk on the Internet this week when he tweeted that he wanted to hang out with Drake. The Chi-Town artist went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to explain his sentiments. He even described his love for Eminem as well, who’ll be appearing with Chance on an […]

Going through some relationship drama this fall season? Check out some lines from the talented duo J-Unity below and know you’re not alone in this love game. https://www.instagram.com/p/BbR-Rg4FKXw/?taken-by=junitymusic  

Once again, Nicki Minaj had some thoughts about women in the rap game on Wednesday. It all started when she posted a video of rapper Russ acknowledging her legacy. Nicki then had some words of her own. Nicki also seemed to be mad that people were comparing her to newcomers when she’s been doing it big […]

Gather around, come close, we have a word from Khia. Her shady message of the day is about Miami spitter Trina and Bronx diva Cardi B. The “My Neck, My Back” rapper praised Cardi B for owning her stripper past and “selling p*ssy,” but slammed Trina. “Trina, it was like, ‘I wasn’t no stripper. I […]

A young emcee was reportedly convicted after making threats against police in a rap song. Now, the 22-year-old is in the process of appealing the judge's decision...

There is nothing more innovative, daring and entertaining than a drag queen — in fact, the only artists who come close to adopting the flair, personas and monikers of drag artists are rappers. Just like a drag queen, when a rapper chooses a name, it’s a special moment in their career. So it shouldn’t come […]

Gospel singer Shirley Caesar has the internet going nuts with everyone doing their own versions of the remix to her 20-year-old sermon.

The Game and Jidenna may as well be twin brothers because it's getting a little difficult to tell them apart.