Popular YouTuber Denzel Dion shared a strikingly similar side by side photo of him and his best friend and Internet personality, Rickey Thompson, alongside rappers Gunna and Young Thug. The two unlikely duos are wearing the exact same outfits, and the inevitable question is: Who wore it better?

Victoria Monét delivers in "Coastin'" music video. The singer dropped a 70s-themed visual for her fans to groove to.

Name: Rickey Thompson Occupation: Content Creator Location: Los Angeles How We Know Him: There’s a high probability that at least one video a friend has forwarded you in the last few weeks has been courtesy of Rickey’s handiwork. Why We Chose Him: Rickey’s over-the-top brand of funny keeps everyone laughing. What’s Next: Even bigger deals […]

Thanks @RickeyThompson for giving us these electric Tuesday Vibes. This could be our mood all day, err day: