Today’s gear is all about collaborations. Everyone is getting together to make products that are either super limited, super dope or both. Check out a few of this week’s coolest collabos, only in Gear of The Day. SUNGLASSES Who: Raf Simons x Linda Farrow What: Aviator Sunglasses Where: Restir When: Now GG Certified: Menswear label […]


For Fall, Nike is introducing a new commercial campaign known as ‘Boom.’ What is Boom? A Boom moment is a game changing play. It’s a bottom of the ninth Grand Slam. It’s  fourth quarter Pick Six. It’s a moment you want to see clearly on replay and see the muscles twitching in the athletes face […]


Check out “BIG BANG BIG BOOM”,  a very cool 10-minute video from the European street artist, Blu. The artist describes it as “an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life…and how it could probably end.” With a mixture of painted animation, graffiti and rube-goldberging (those machines that do something very simple, […]

Ozone Magazine Veggie Gumbo His Crazy Caribbean Style definitely shines through his music selection, his energy, and his food. DJ Nasty Naz’s professional career in the music industry as a tour chef, tour hype man and a tour DJ has allowed him to work with artists like the Black Eyed Peas, The Game, Akon, Wyclef, […]


BOOM BOOM POW (Remix) Download it right here!!!

  This week has been such a blessing, I’m overwhelmed with all of the love and support for my first feature film Next Day Air which hits theaters this Friday, May 8th. Just the other day I had the opportunity to re-connect with my cast: Donald Faison, Cisco Reyes and the lovely Yasmin Deliz on […]