Ryan Leslie’s back at it, this time with an unfamiliar sound. DETAILS: Ryan Leslie Ordered To Pay $1 Million For Stolen Laptop Reward In preparation for the release of his fourth studio album Black Mozart, the singer-turned-rapper unleashed a flashy video for his latest single “Carnival of Venice.” DETAILS: DAMN! Ryan Leslie Ordered To Pay Additional […]

This could possibly be the absolute worst way to start the New Year.  DETAILS: Ryan Leslie Ordered To Pay $1 Million For Stolen Laptop Reward Luck isn’t on Ryan Leslie’s side right now. The “Diamond Girl” singer may have to pay an additional $180,000 for the $1 million promise he made to pay anyone who […]

Ryan Leslie has been under a lot of fire this past week since he’s been forced by a judge to pay a man the reward of $1 million for his stolen laptop back in 2010. Many have been scrutizing the “Les Is More” singer for not coming through with his word after agreeing to pay […]

Welp, it looks like Ryan Leslie took a major L-ski, oh well-ski.  NEW VIDEO: Ryan Leslie “Dress You To Undress You”  In 2010, Ryan Leslie lost his laptop in Germany, which contained valuable music, files, and an external hard drive.  Desperate and distraught, Ryan Leslie hopped on YouTube and initially offered a $20,000 reward to […]

I am annoyed.  If you’re a black male entertainer, and sort of famous, then…you must be a rapper.  Yeah, a rapper.  I mean, all black men in Hollywood rap. Right?  Wrong!  Ever wonder what Trey Songz, Usher, Chris Brown, Ryan Leslie, The-Dream, Ne-Yo, R.Kelly, and Bobby Brown have in common?  Well, they’re all famous, black, […]

Happy belated to the homie Ryan Leslie, who turned 35 yesterday. To celebrate the occasion, the singer gave a gift to his fans.  EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Leslie: “I Am My Own Filter” Ryan released a video for the sexy “Dress You to Undress You.” The video is the fifth in a series of 10 videos, which make […]

Ryan Leslie has a certain panache about him that one just can’t seem to put a finger on. Aside from being a Harvard grad and a production genius, R.Les has a way with words. VIDEO: Ryan Leslie “Dress You To Undress You” GlobalGrind recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Ryan as he did […]

GlobalGrind: Let’s discuss the visual album that you’re working on. What direction are you moving in with this, and how do you want people to talk about it when they reminisce on it years from now, like “ remember when Ryan Leslie dropped that album that he had a visual for”?  Well, I’m extremely biased […]

GlobalGrind: So we hear you’re going to be working with Brandon Jennings in the future. He’s mentioned that he wants to learn from you a little bit. Ryan Leslie: There are a great many athletes who have an interest in entertainment and music. And the number of stories of folks that have gotten involved and […]

Ryan Leslie is one of the most intelligent artists in the game. Not only does he boast the honors of having a degree from Harvard University, but he’s damn near a musical genius.  EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Leslie Talks Producing Movies! Not to mention that he teaches a class at the prestigious New York University. GlobalGrind sat down […]

Graduating from Harvard at the young age of 19, Ryan Leslie is not only wise beyond his years, but is talented as well. PHOTOS: Ryan Leslie’s NextSelection Lifestyle As a singer, rapper, producer and entrepreneur, he has a unique vision for all of his work. Although he likes discussing his projects, both present and future, […]