sex toys

This new, innovative shoe is made entirely from upcycled sex toys. Read more about the viral Plastic Soul shoe inside.

One Honduran man's life will never be the same after he lost his penis in a horrifying freak accident.

After the Sister Code actress replied to Kanye's now infamous rant about Wiz Khalifa by claiming 'Ye was all about some fingers in the booty action, a sex toy company wants Amber to hawk their prostate massagers.

A man from Vero Beach, Florida was arrested after he was caught stealing a butt plug and "stroker" can.

A 99-year old woman shed a few tears on Friday as she graduated from the College of the Canyons. Doreetha Daniels has been studying at the community college since 2009 and was determined the earn her degree even as she suffered strokes and lost her driver’s license. Inspired by her grandchildren, Doreetha shared inspirational words […]

Jennifer Lawrence is one outspoken lady and that is one of the many reasons we love her. On Wednesday, the 23-year-old actress made an appearance on Conan to chat about her new flick American Hustle. Lawrence got really candid when the talk show host asked her what she would be doing if she wasn’t a […]