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Plastic Soul Sex Toy Shoe

Source: Courtesy of Rose in Good Faith / rose in good faith s

This new shoe is made entirely from upcycled sex toys. The world’s leading sex toy company Doc Johnson collaborates with celebrity favorite luxury label ROSE IN GOOD FAITH to create this innovative everyday sneaker. Read more about the viral shoe inside.

Dubbed the “Plastic Soul,” the two companies want to shed light on reproductive rights, so they are offering to reimburse the first three men who buy the shoes and then get a vasectomy. Yes, this collaboration is more than meets the eye.

Doc Johnson has been at the forefront of advances in sexual health and sex positivity. Their latest product continues to push the envelope, creating conversation and encouraging sustainability.

The two companies have been working together in secret for nearly two years.

The Process:

They have developed a unique recycling system that grinds down the factory’s defective dildos into millimeter-sized cubes of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The cubes are then mixed with non-bleach EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam and injection molded into the shape of the Plastic Soul. Not only fashionable, the “Plastic Sole” is infused with a purpose to promote sex positivity as part of Doc Johnson’s global movement to destigmatize sexual health and wellness.

 The Shoe:

The latest is made in a limited colorway titled “Endless Black.” It is in reference to combining all primary colors to create a deep color. The celebrated female silhouettes are both expressive and contemplative on the elements of balance, be it hips, ankles, or the back. These enduring forms are intelligently designed to keep the human body balanced.

Plastic Soul Sex Toy Shoe

Source: Courtesy of Rose in Good Faith / rose in good faith

The Design:

ROSE IN GOOD FAITH pulls together elements of sub-culture to form the label’s prolific underground aesthetic. Bridging the realms of luxury fashion and streetwear, the Los Angeles brand’s avant-garde garments boast artisanal quality and premium custom-made fabrics.

Infused with purpose, they added a raised arch in the footbed of the design, intended to support the wearer’s foot by lessening any abnormal stress on the knees and hips when compared to flat shoes. As a means of supporting posture and all-day comfort, the Plastic Soul includes a natural cork insole, which molds to the wearer’s unique foot shape over a few hours of wear, and adds extra support, the versatility of wear, and a new level of comfort.

Embodying the synthesis of easy style and progressive sophistication, the unique design hints at the shape of a chunky hiking shoe with the sleekness and energy of a low-ankle runner. Designed for ease of wear and effortless versatility, the futuristic design can both elevate a wardrobe and inject casual comfortability.

 Where to Purchase:

The limited shoe will be featured at H Lorenzo’s flagship location and stocked across all The Webster doors.

This one’s for the sustainable babes across the world. Check out the innovative shoe here.