These funny men and women are on the brink of stardom.

Dave Chappelle is singing the same song that many Republicans are singing these days — “sorry for defending Trump.” During a show in New York City on Monday, the legendary comedian admitted that he was wrong for going on SNL and pleading with the country to ease up on the Donald Trump hate. He hilariously […]

Dave Chappelle has rarely been known to hold back when it comes to his comedy routines. His fans usually come to him for hilarious and thought provoking commentary on race, as well as other political issues. However, it appears there’s one subject where Chappelle is dropping the ball, LGBTQ issues. On Tuesday, Chappelle released two […]

George Lopez has a reputation for saying it like he means it, even at the expense of his fans.

It’s a pretty sensitive time for the country after having one of the most bizarre elections in history. President-elect Donald Trump‘s victory has caused such a major divide that it’s not even safe to make jokes about Presidents anymore. Wanda Sykes learned the hard way during one of her stand-up shows over the weekend. According […]

Just weeks after having the "Damn, Daniel" dudes and DJ Khaled on her show, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed her most inspiring guest yet.

Tracy Morgan might be having the best 2015 ever. After smashing his hosting gig at his alma mater Saturday Night Live, the comedian announced he'll be embarking on a national stand-up tour.

Way before Meet Dave, Norbit, The Klumps, or Shrek, Eddie Murphy was one of the funniest stand-up comics of all time. That’s why it was such a big deal that he told jokes on stage while receiving the Mark Twain Award for Comedy for the first time since before most millennials can remember. In total, it’s been 28 […]

It’s the holiday season, so what better time is there to laugh and drink with your family as you watch stand-up comedy specials on your Smart TV? Sure, there are the classics like Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Martin Lawrence‘s You So Crazy, but there are a bunch of new comedians out there killing the game right now. […]

Aziz Ansari is set to change the game one more time. After putting out his second comedy special as download only for a reasonable price, he is now dropping his third stand up special, called Buried Alive – exclusively on Netflix. In the latest trailer, the Parks and Recreation funny man teams up with Seth Rogen to brainstorm new […]