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It’s the holiday season, so what better time is there to laugh and drink with your family as you watch stand-up comedy specials on your Smart TV?

Sure, there are the classics like Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Martin Lawrence‘s You So Crazy, but there are a bunch of new comedians out there killing the game right now. Check out our list of the 10 funniest comedy specials you can stream below.

John Mulaney

Mulaney got his start writing for some of your favorite shows, now it’s his time to shine. His stand-up comedy special New in Town is hilarious and his Def Jam Comic voice alone is enough reason for you to watch this special. Now streaming on Netflix.

Hannibal Buress

Live From Chicago is one of the reasons people are calling him the comic of the year. Well that, and being the guy who brought down Bill Cosby. Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Chelsea Peretti

If you’re a fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine, you should check out One Of The Greats on Netflix. Chelsea tells it like it is as she jokes about how great she is, how to piss off a really hot girl, and more. Pay attention to the cut-aways, they keep getting better as the set goes on.

Tracy Morgan

Just before the tragic crash he’s still battling to recover from, Tracy dropped Bonafide. He takes viewers through all the stages of comedy – including stories, characters, audience interaction, and more. Now streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Louis CK

This guy has no chill and his two comedy specials on HBO – Shameless and Oh My God – as proof. It’s an hour of no-holds-barred comedy about sex, marriage, evil thoughts, and much more. It’s always available on HBO Go.

Jerrod Carmichael

Love at the Store seems like a secret to most people, but it’s quite possibly the funniest stand-up comedy special of the year. Jerrod – aka the black guy from Neighbors – gets his first stand-up special directed by Spike Lee on HBO, and he nails it. Now streaming on HBO Go.

Bill Burr

You’ll think this guy looks familiar, but you won’t be able to pinpoint his face. That’s because you’ve seen him in almost all of your favorite shows, from Breaking Bad to Law & Order. His latest comedy special I’m Sorry You Feel That Way is in black and white, and funny as hell. Now streaming on Netflix.

Aziz Ansari

He’s been at the forefront of innovative stand-up comedy, so his special Buried Alive has to be on this list. Aziz does his classic thing, but when he talks about racial stereotypes – he really nails it. Now streaming on Netflix.

Chelsea Handler

She’s over the top, pulls no punches, and quite possibly the funniest woman in the world. Uganda Be Kidding Me is so hilarious, it will leave you in tears.

Kevin Hart

Before we Laugh At His Pain or Let Him Explain, he was Seriously Funny. Kevin Hart has been winning the last few years and you can watch his stand-up specials to see his growth. Now streaming on Amazon.


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