In January of this year, Steve Harvey met with the the current POTUS and received major backlash. This was something the talk show host didn’t expect, according to his Hollywood Reporter interview. “It was so vicious that it really threw me,” Harvey said. “I was being called names that I’ve never been called: Uncle Tom. A coon. […]

Steve Harvey doesn’t care what anyone has to say about the way he lives his life, clearly. Just a couple of months after being dragged by the world for the savage leaked memo  he wrote to his staff, the talk show host is finally addressing the scandal, but he’s not apologizing for it.  While promoting his […]

Steve Harvey put his foot in his mouth once again, but this time he may have gone a little too far. According to various listeners of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the host, who is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, joked with a listener from Flint that they didn’t have clean water after the caller said he […]

Jordan Peele‘s hit film Get Out taught us so much about America as a whole, but more specifically about Black Americans who find themselves trapped in the forbidden “sunken place.” According to Peele: However, some celebs aren’t screaming to be free from marginalization. Some actually enjoy the perks of being on the side of the oppressor […]

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another for Steve Harvey — the host just can’t seem to keep his name out of the news these days. However, this time around, his name is being dragged by his ex-wife, Mary Shackelford. Mary has filed a $60 million lawsuit against her famous ex, claiming that he damaged […]

Steve Harvey has quickly become the pariah of the entertainment industry. Even his own generation is turning against him.

As of lately, Steve Harvey may not be known as the nicest guy in the world, but he’s wise enough to know when to lay low. According to Page Six, the talk show host skipped out on his own wrap-up party, which was thrown by staff on Thursday to celebrate taping the fifth and final […]

Steve Harvey set the Internet on fire earlier this week after a harsh email he sent to his staff leaked online. Many thought that the host’s tone and approach in the memo was rude and uncalled for. However, Harvey is speaking out about the letter, in which he told staff not to “ambush” him in […]

What’s really going on with Steve Harvey? The legendary comedian use to be well respected by pretty much everyone, and then the Miss Universe flub happened followed by his shocking meeting with Donald Trump. Now, it looks as though Steve’s “funny, wise uncle” persona is officially gone. A memo that was reportedly sent from Harvey […]

Mary Shackelford was married to Steve Harvey for almost ten years and she’s spilling all the tea about their failed marriage— plus his relationship with new wife Marjorie. Shackelford, who’s the host’s second wife, claims in a new interview that Steve owes her a big, fat check. She revealed, “Steve Harvey owes me $50 million, and I […]

Steve Harvey has made many questionable choices this year. The Internet is questioning if he fell into the sunken place. After meeting with Donald Trump back in January, many people haven’t looked at the usually “woke” mogul the same. Today, he told TMZ that Trump kept his word with him about Housing and Urban Development. […]

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