We were all surprised when we learned that Ben Affleck had been crowned the new Batman, but apparently, Christian Bale had a different reaction. The actor admits that when he learned someone else was playing the coveted role, he was a bit jealous. According to Us Weekly : “I’ve got to admit initially, even though I […]

Two guys walk into a bar. No, seriously, two guys walk into a bar and then one of them leaves with Brooklyn Decker‘s heart. Battleship begins with two brothers, Lt. Alex Hopper, played by Taylor Kitsch, and his older brother Commander Stone Hopper, played by Alexander Skarsgard, who starts off the film giving his little […]

Our girl Rihanna is set to make her big screen debut in the new movie Battleship and now, we’re giving away 25 pairs of tickets to offer our L.A.-based readers a chance to attend the Hollywood premiere on Thursday, May 10th. DETAILS: The GG Battleship! Who’s Hotter: Wiz Khalifa vs 2 Chainz For those who don’t […]

Rihanna is set to make her big screen debut in Battleship and from the looks of the newly released trailer this is going to be one of the greatest movie debuts in awhile. The movie is being set up to be a huge blockbuster and when you add in the other Battleship stars like Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn […]

Canadian actor/model Taylor Kitsch put his hunky muscles aside for his serious role in the based on a true story movie “The Bang Bang Club.” Taylor plays Kevin Carter, a passionate photo journalist in the middle of a civil war in pre-apartheid South Africa.  Taylor dropped 30 lbs of muscle to portray Kevin accurately. GlobalGrind […]


Accomplished writer Frank C. Matthews is set to re-release his debut novel ‘Respect the Jux‘ on September 21st; a book that successfully combines stories intrinsic to urban America, with the grit and poignancy of everyday life on the streets. What’s more, Matthews is also getting ready to take the book to a screen near you.  Back in 2003, […]


Money changes people, sort of. I think we all know someone who would be dangerous around a sudden windfall of cash. The worst thing that can happen to this person is money, the reason being that they will rush out and buy copious unnecessary items to fill up the void that is their soul. Hit […]

If you were to be a fly on the wall of any locker room prior to a big game in any sport, you might be a little surprised to hear the abundance of encouraging and inspirational words going around in addition to actual, tactical strategy. A savvy coach knows how critical attitude can play into […]


The truth behind millionaires and the simple prescription to become one — become the CEO of your own business start-up. Be Agile and Run: Many entrepreneurs should begin with preparing a business plan. The basic rule that you should follow is to be as brief and crisp as possible when explaining your idea and strategy. […]


Hey Global Grind! This week was wild! Partied so much. Hung out with my bestest friends. Made out. Passed out. Didn’t recover as fast as I used to… I’m not 20 anymore, that’s for sure. I’m also working on maintaining communication with those close to me.  It’s crucial, because I want to stay close keep […]


Diary Of The Sellout – Week 1 Diary of The Sellout – Countdown is a 40 day countdown to the release date of my fifth album, the Sellout. It is by far the best album I have ever made and I’m excited to show people the comedy the drama, the stupid stuff, and the great […]


YOU ARE TO MAKE THE MONEY, NOT THE MONEY MAKING YOU MOVE BEYOND THE LOTTERY MENTALITY The time has come to evict luck from our vocabulary. As I mentioned, some people think that if they just wake up, they will become successful and make it “big.” We all have someone in our lives or families […]