These videos will remind you that TerRio is back like he never left.

Just when you think the Terrio craze is dying down, another rapper features him on their new track and/or music video. Yesterday, “Yasss Bitch” rapper Soulja Boy previewed a new track titled “Crank Dat Terrio,” and obviously, the video features Terrio dancing. No word on when “Crank Dat Terrio” will be released, but according to […]

It all started on YouTube. Like most internet sensations of the 21st century, Ice JJ Fish, whose real name is Daniel Mcloyd, has been making the “internets” a better place. No, really. If you’re having the worst day ever, Ice JJ Fish will give you life (and provide uncontrollable laughter). We first noticed Ice JJ […]

A lot of people may have had a great 2013. Some we’ve known for years and hadn’t seen nearly enough. Others we’ve been seeing for a while, but their craft finally started to pay off. Then there were the newcomers; the stars we never heard of before but developed a thirst to know more, see […]