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It all started on YouTube.

Like most internet sensations of the 21st century, Ice JJ Fish, whose real name is Daniel Mcloyd, has been making the “internets” a better place.

No, really. If you’re having the worst day ever, Ice JJ Fish will give you life (and provide uncontrollable laughter).

We first noticed Ice JJ Fish on YouTube back in 2013, when he was remixing hip-hop songs and adding his own eclectic R&B flavor. After the release of his first official music video “On The Floor,” we started to realize Ice JJ’s favorite pastime may be the beginning of a lucrative career.

Like 6-year-old Vine sensation Lil Terrio, Ice JJ is beginning to do appearances and interviews on national radio stations. We can’t hate on the man for his talents (which are debatable), so we’re celebrating him and giving you 15 reasons why you should follow him on all social media platforms. Yes, it’s that serious.

So, get down and dirty on the floor with Ice JJ Fish down below.

1. “Because He’s The Best Singer Alive To Ever Live.” 

2. He Can Sing With 100 Voices. 

3. He Managed To Record The Rawest Remix Of “Thuggish Ruggish Bone.” 

4. Ice JJ Fish Also Has BARS.

5. His Kick Game Is Vicious (Although We Have No Idea What Kind Of Sneakers These Are).

6. He Has Dance Moves For Days.

7. His Swag Is On… 

A Trillion.

8. He Also Moonlights As A Chef.

9. He Has “The Attitude To Succeed, My Dude.”

10. His Durag Is Always Flourishing.

11. He’s On #TeamGap With Tyler, The Creator.

12. He’s A Jetsetter. 

13. He’s A Master Whistler (Actually The Rawest Whistler).

14. He Wakes & Bakes.

15. He’s Such A Pro…”On The Floor.”