These videos will remind you that TerRio is back like he never left.

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A look back at the greatest Vines we will never forget.

You have to hand it to DJ Khaled: he knows how to bring the stars out. The DJ’s latest single, “They Don’t Love You No More,” features appearances from Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana and Jay Z. And for the video shoot, which was in Miami yesterday, Khaled was able to get all the […]

We knew this day would come. Six-year-old Vine star Lil TeRrio released his first music video for his breakout catchphrase “Oooh Killem.” Last summer, the then 5-year-old became famous on the internet when his “cousin” Maleek would post hilarious Vines of TeRrio being a typical kid (who danced non-stop). Since then, TerRio has acquired a […]

It all started on YouTube. Like most internet sensations of the 21st century, Ice JJ Fish, whose real name is Daniel Mcloyd, has been making the “internets” a better place. No, really. If you’re having the worst day ever, Ice JJ Fish will give you life (and provide uncontrollable laughter). We first noticed Ice JJ […]

Over the past six months, the internet world and America has gotten to know Vine sensation Lil Terrio quite well. From getting buckets in his driveway to making appearances at rap concerts, Lil Terrio has been living it up – especially for a 6-year-old. Despite how much we enjoy watching Terrio’s adventures, we’ve begun to […]

2013 has been a great year for “the internets.” It’s a known fact that the internet is the greatest place on earth, and continues to be the medium in which instant fame is only one Vine or YouTube video away. Earlier this year, we got the chance to enjoy the tales of the most epic hero […]

Oooh, Oooh! It was only a few months ago when a 6-year-old hailing from the great state of Georgia became famous on Vine. It all started when Terrio’s older cousin Maleek posted a video of him “at it again” on the basketball court, and well, the rest is history. Since his initial rise to internet […]

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Lil Terrio is at it again, and this time he releases a new single titled … wait, can you guess? “Ooh Kill ‘Em” is Terrio’s musical debut, but oddly enough, Terrio isn’t actually featured on the song. Instead, rappers by the name of Polo, Kay Luv, and Kidd […]

Dancing sensation Lil Terrio is sweeping the nation with his “Ooooh Kill ‘Em!” movement, most recently chillin’ with rapper The Game and his boys. The pair hit up the barbershop to get a one of a kind cut, which featured an animated version of Lil Terrio’s motto on the back of their heads. The Game […]