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2013 has been a great year for “the internets.”

It’s a known fact that the internet is the greatest place on earth, and continues to be the medium in which instant fame is only one Vine or YouTube video away.

Earlier this year, we got the chance to enjoy the tales of the most epic hero of all time, Charles Ramsey, but by the time summer rolled around, we were chanting “Ohh Kill’Em” with Lil Terrio. The internet is such a fun place to be, so we rounded up the funniest memes, gifs, viral videos, and Vines of 2013.

Take a few minutes out of your day and revisit everything that literally made you LOL at your computer this year.

1. Lil Terrio

If it wasn’t for cousin Maleek Vining his “lil cuzzo Terrio at it again,” 2013 wouldn’t be the same. The hefty 6-year-old instantly became an internet sensation. Soon after gaining internet fame, Terrio and his team hit the road and began making appearances at music festivals, the White House, Hollywood sets, and studios with his favorite rappers. 

2. Side-Eyeing Chloe

Chloe’s uninterested reaction to an impromptu trip to Disneyland spawned countless internet memes of the adorable toddler as various celebrities and iconic people. Like Taylor Swift…

Miley Cyrus…

And Blue Ivy.

3. The Rape Sloth

What can we say? These memes were the most disturbing of all the internet sensations, but they were everywhere.

4. Drake Dada Memes

One awkward pose paired with outdated “urban” wear sparked never-ending memes of the Canadian rapper headbutting soccer balls…

and walking with Simba from The Lion King.

5. Ike Turner Memes 

Domestic violence is never funny, but the Ike Turner memes that began to pop up on social media took a comedic spin on the dreaded controlling boyfriend.

6. Cooking For Bae 

Posting meals on Instagram became trendy over the past two years, but this year, there were an unreasonable amount of struggle meals appearing on “the gram.” But what makes these meals especially horrific is that most of them were prepared for somebody’s “bae,” aka babe. Now there’s an entire Instagram page dedicated to “cooking for bae.”

7. Slap Cam 

Don’t know why or how this ever became the “thing” to do, but in 2013, slap cams began appearing on Vine and Instagram. Some are funny, but others are downright wrong.

8. All Things Twerking

Miley Cyrus Twerking…

Twerking in or on a car…

And Twerking By The Cakes…

9. Light skin people be like vs. Dark skin people be like Memes

Although these memes are seen as divisive and perpetuate colorism in the black community, the “light skin people be like” vs. the “dark skin people be like” memes will provide a giggle…or two.

10. Sharkeisha Fight Memes

There’s nothing funny about seeing a young girl get beat up, but the viral video quickly became the number one trend on Twitter, and well, the rest is history.

11. Miley’s Chicken Butt 

Miley has one of the flattest asses in Hollywood (besides Ke$ha’s ass, of course), but that didn’t stop her from shaking her tail feather at this year’s MTV VMAs. A still image of Miley’s pancake ass appeared on the ‘net, which eventually turned into a raw chicken butt meme and…

Hank Hill

And a meme to the tune of her smash hit “We Can’t Stop.”

12. You Ain’t Got The Answers Memes 

When Kanye West stopped by Sway Calloway’s Sirius XM radio show, audio of a major blow up quickly spread across the internet. During the verbal pitty-pat, Kanye repeatedly yelled, “You ain’t got the answers” to Sway and just a few hours later, “You Ain’t Got The Answers” memes began appearing everywhere.

13.  Bitches Be Like Memes 

We have no idea where people get these meme ideas, but the “bitches be like,” “girls be like,” and “hoes be like” memes were flooding everyone’s Instagram timelines across America.

14.  The #StarbucksDrakeHands Insta-videos

The #StarbucksDrakeHands all started when a young woman was kind enough to send a pesky Starbucks heckler her number. Soon afterwards, she received this creepy video.

Then people across the internets decided to remix the original version with their own hilarious videos.

15. Cats, Cats, Cats, and More Cats.

Cats have been taking over the internets for some time now, but Miley Cyrus took the internet cat obsession to the next level when she performed with a lip-syncing kitten at the MTV EMAS.

16. Charles Ramsey 

What can we say about Charles Ramsey? Well, the man is honest, unknowingly hilarious, but most importantly, he’s a hero. Charles Ramsey made headline news when he helped rescue three missing Cleveland, Ohio women. From his afro mullet to the way he recounted the story, everything about Charley Ramsey screamed internet sensation.