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Over the past six months, the internet world and America has gotten to know Vine sensation Lil Terrio quite well.

From getting buckets in his driveway to making appearances at rap concerts, Lil Terrio has been living it up – especially for a 6-year-old. Despite how much we enjoy watching Terrio’s adventures, we’ve begun to notice his increasing weight, and now we’re concerned.

Today, Terrio (or whoever runs Terrio’s account) announced he’d start losing weight if he received 250,000 retweets.

So far, only 7,600 people have retweeted him. Despite the amount of RTs he requested, we think Terrio should lose weight regardless.

We decided to share a few fun weight loss tips that are kid-friendly, and Terrio’s whole family can enjoy. Losing weight is challenging, but we know Terrio can do it. #OoohKillEm calories, Terrio!

Check out the tips below.

1. Join This Hip-Hop Spin Class 

2. Find A Sport (Like Basketball) And Play Everyday For An Hour #GetBuckets 

3. Have A Fun Dance Party With His Family 

4. Try A Kid Yoga Class

5. Eat More Veggies & Healthy Snacks (Nuts, Fruits, & Whole Grain Cereal) 90 Percent Healthy Food/10 Percent Fun Food 

6. Drink More Water, Less Juice & Soda 

7. Get Lots Of Sleep (Beauty Rest Does The Body Good) 

8. Continue To Exercise (At Least 3-4x A Week)

9. Walk His Dog “Banx” 

10. Make A Fitness Plan & Set Goals (If you believe them, you can achieve them)

11. Join FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Initiative 

PHOTO CREDIT: CrenshawKidsYoga, Let’s Move Campaign, Instagram