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Oooh, Oooh!

It was only a few months ago when a 6-year-old hailing from the great state of Georgia became famous on Vine.

It all started when Terrio’s older cousin Maleek posted a video of him “at it again” on the basketball court, and well, the rest is history.

Since his initial rise to internet stardom, Terrio has graced the studio with hip-hop’s DJ Drama, met dozen of rappers, crashed music festivals, and danced in front of the White House.

Back in the summer, we rounded up Terrio’s 10 best Vines for your viewing pleasure. Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with cousin Terrio, we found out everything the 6-year-old’s been doing since the first day he was “getting buckets.”

Find out what Lil Terrio’s been doing since then below.

1. He released his first rap song “Oooh Kill ‘Em.” 

2. Working Out:

And working out some more.

3. Getting More Buckets.

4. Celebrating Hanukkah:

5. Helping Diddy launch Revolt TV.

6. Hanging out with countless rappers. Like The Game…

And Tyler, the Creator…

And Juelz Santana.

7. Getting killer haircuts.

8. Chilling on movie sets with Hollywood actresses.

9. Occasionally doing homework.

10. Flirting with girls…lots of girls.

11. Sitting courtside at Miami Heat games.

12. Getting gold grills.

13. Spending all his money at the arcade.

14. And doing kid stuff like playing at Chuck E. Cheese.

15. Eating healthier.

16. Trying his hand at photography.

17. Impersonating Rick Ross.

18. Freestyling in hallways.

19. Modeling.

20. And still killin ’em.