The Descendants

The Celebs were at it again today on Twitter. So it’s time to bring you our favorite Twitpics of the day. It seemed like a busy day for our stars. Some ran errands, some were hard at work while others were just enjoying the sun. Luckily they had time to tweet along the way. Fan […]


<p>After stirring blogs, forums and radio stations nationwide in December, ABC’s Nightline, along with ‘Good Morning America’ personality, radio host, and best selling author Steve Harvey and ‘The View’ co-host Sherri Shepherd will take a hard look, through debate and conversation, at black women, dating, and why 42% of black women are not married.</p><p>Titled ‘The […]

Last night’s Oscars turned out plenty of pretty pictures for the red carpet and even the happenings on stage, but what about the pre and post Oscar pictures that you didn’t get to see? Like me, you might have been wondering, ‘What were these celebs doing while they were on their way to the Oscars?’ […]


What is Kim Kardashian up to?  


Call Of Duty, Ocho Cinco?!       All Twitpics are brought to you by Celebrity Tweet