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<p>After stirring blogs, forums and radio stations nationwide in December, ABC’s Nightline, along with ‘Good Morning America’ personality, radio host, and best selling author Steve Harvey and ‘The View’ co-host Sherri Shepherd will take a hard look, through debate and conversation, at black women, dating, and why 42% of black women are not married.</p><p>Titled ‘The Nightline Face-Off&rdquo; &ndash; Why can&rsquo;t a successful black woman find a man?,’ the forthcoming conversation is set to take place Friday, April 9 in Decatur, Georgia, also airing on ‘Nightline’.</p><p>According to a release issued Tuesday, March 30, "black college educated women (in the United States) outnumber black college educated men 2 to 1. Considering all the other factors that could lend to this disproportion, it’s not surprising people wonder why many successful black women cannot find a man."</p><p>Joining ‘Nightline’s’ Vicki Mabrey, who will co-moderate with Steve Harvey, author/actor Hill Harper and Jimi Izrael, author of ‘The Denzel Principle’, journalist/VH1 reality star (Let’s Talk About Pep) Jacque Reid, and Sherri Shepherd (‘The View’) "will participate as single, successful African American females who have difficulty finding an equal match while Harper and Izrael argue that single women should look beyond stereotypes when choosing a black man."</p><p>’Nightline FaceOff’ will also take on the relevant questions — Are black women’s expectations too high ? Who’s to blame,&nbsp; Black women or black men ?</p>