Saycon Sengbloh and Laura Kariuki shared some teases about season 2 of The Wonder Years in an interview with Global Grind.

'The Wonder Years' star Elisha "EJ" Williams about his role as Dean Williams on the new ABC reboot, which premieres this week. He spoke about the show being set in Montgomery in 1968, the afro he wore and the style sacrifice he made with the show wardrobe. He also talked about how times haven't changed as much as we'd like, noting how George Floyd's death wasn't as shocking as it should have been.

Global Grind's Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with 'The Wonder Years' stars Saycon Sengbloh and Laura Kariuki about portraying Lillian and Kim Williams on the new series which is set in 1968. The actresses spoke about how their project is a celebration of black life that doesn't focus on trauma bonding.