Celebrities are prioritizing their mental health and discussing the importance of taking care of the mind along the journey. Ariana Grande announced that she is giving away $1 million worth of therapy to her fans. 

The famed mom explains why she always dedicated Wednesdays to her youngest daughter.

We all need to be more like Ciro Ortiz and make the world a better place using the resources that we have. The 11-year old has turned the Subway platform into his therapy office where he gives stressed out New Yorkers some emotional advice. Adorable.   If you’re in New York and ever need a […]

Jay-Z had a revealing interview with The New York Times’ T Magazine and he covered everything from his relationship to Kanye West to how therapy helped him grow. On his relationship to Kanye, Jigga said, “I [talked to] Kanye the other day, just to tell him, like, he’s my brother.” He continued, “Kanye came into this business […]

VICELAND released a 30-minute special featuring YG seeking help from a licensed therapist.

Kim Kardashian is not a big fan of Kanye West's Twitter rants, and she wants him to see a therapist.

  Amanda Bynes has been on a whirlwind for quite some time and we are all hoping things soon make a turn for the better. The childhood star made some disturbing comments about wanting to murder her parents, that can be heard in an audio clip that was leaked by a close source to TMZ. Now, […]