On Today’s episode of Why Did I Do That! This lady attempts to feed a giraffe at a drive through safari. Only the Giraffe gets a little too close to the lady so she rolls up her window, trapping the the animal’s head up in her car. Well the animal wasn’t trapped for long. According […]

Tiffany Haddish is back at it with her wild stories again. But this time, someone actually got hurt, like, fatally. On Friday, the actress stopped by The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon about the time when her role as “energy producer” actually left one old man dead.   Apparently he was pushing 90 years […]

C’mon Cardi, there’s no way you ain’t pregnant. Pictures of Cardi B hiding what looks like a baby bump, as she arrived to her Invasion of Privacy album release party in NYC, have surfaced online and now there’s also a video that’s raising eyebrows. Watch the clip up top, courtesy of Fameolous, and tell us […]

Hating on a kid going to college is pure jealousy — but being a predominately White news channel hating on a young Black boy who got accepted into 20 universities is caucasity at it’s finest. We were all overjoyed to see the acceptance video of Texas senior, Michael Brown, who received a full ride to […]

Donald Glover wasn’t lying when he said it’s robbin’ season. Unfortunately a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Ohio had to learn that the hard way. Last week, a group of people boosted $10,000 worth of gear from a Dick’s located at the Liberty Center Mall. Even though that’s only like 4 Nike track suits with […]

The light skin vs. dark skin jokes are totally played out — unless you’re referring to an animal or other non-Black human thing. When you think King of the jungle, you for sure think Darkskin lion with a powerful roar. Well, we’ve found the most light skinned acting lion ever and it’s the funniest thing […]

It’s funny how the media makes it seem that people of color are the ones committing every crime in this country, from heinous to petty. The only difference is that White folks usually get caught doing the crime and deny doing it — even if their caught red handed. Like one Cleveland man who tried […]

Just when you think these dance crazes couldn’t get anymore creative, the young influencers add some nostalgia to the mix and win you over once again. Leave it to kids like Kida The Great to blow you away with their precise, original and creative moves. Seriously though, who else do you know that can do […]

Lil Wayne was somewhat of a prophet when he rapped about hooking up with a woman police officer in his 2008 track “Mrs. Officer”. One guy tried his luck with 5-0 as he was getting pulled over for a speeding ticket. He asked the woman that pulled him over for her telephone number, and do […]

Fabolous shocked everyone this week when news broke that the Brooklyn emcee was arrested on domestic assualt charges. It’s hard to imagine the king of hot punchlines actually hitting a woman. Well, shocking footage has hit the net that may prove otherwise. Fab doesn’t physically attack his longtime girlfriend Emily B in the video, but […]

People love their pets — but it’s not often someone throws a funeral for their goldfish (besides Rudy Huxtable). Well, one guy’s fish funeral has everyone on the Internet in tears, but not in a sad way. Hopefully this fills your day with much joy and more laughter. Happy Saturday  

Have you ever witnessed something so bizarre that you knew there had to be some greater force taking over? If you haven’t, this video will definitely change your mind. Footage from a car dash shows a terrible crash about to happen before the driver manages to pull off this miraculous move: Mind blowing! Jesus took […]