Shaw tackled Travis Reinking and disarmed him before he could kill more victims.

A small act of kindness can go a long way. Remember Evoni Williams, the 18-year-old Waffle House employee who took a moment to help an elderly man by cutting his ham for him? The viral photo, first posted on Facebook by Laura Wolf, caught the attention of Texas Southern University. Fox News reports that as a […]

Most people already have a unique relationship with Waffle House — especially on late nights after the club. But a recent, heartwarming moment at a Houston Waffle House is making customers have a newfound respect for the restaurant. On Saturday,18-year-old Evoni Williams was working behind the counter when an older customer with an oxygen tank […]

Rich The Kid had no idea that his “New Freezer” track would take off the way it did. But thanks to social media, the #NewFreezer challenge has everyone bopping to the infectious beat — even Waffle House employees. Shout out the good folks in Baton Rouge. This is epic.   Hit the flip for more.

If we’ve learned anything in these difficult times of being an American, it’s that you have to find a way or make one — because some folks just don’t do a great job at their job (even Presidents). One Waffle House customer in South Carolina took matters into his own hands when he entered the […]

The thought of a dead fly in your glass of water could give many folks nightmares — but imagine if you found a whole amphibian caught in your drink. One couple in Tallahassee, Florida discovered a dead frog floating around in their water at a Waffle House. That’s right, earlier this month, Claire Sheats said […]

Not even jail could hold Young Thug back living his best life. Video footage allegedly shows Thugger, or a man that looks like him, getting arrested and being led away by the authorities in Lenox Mall in Atlanta on Thursday. The man recording the footage could be heard saying, “Man they tryna lock Thug up man. […]

According to reports, it was the former Hot Boy rapper who kicked off a South Carolina Waffle House brawl on Friday.


Customer Antonio Robinson said he was shocked when he noticed one employee dipping her hair into a pot of water in the same area where food was being prepared last week.