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Most people already have a unique relationship with Waffle House — especially on late nights after the club.

But a recent, heartwarming moment at a Houston Waffle House is making customers have a newfound respect for the restaurant. On Saturday,18-year-old Evoni Williams was working behind the counter when an older customer with an oxygen tank was struggling to cut his food — so she began cutting up his ham for him.

It’s beautiful to see that being kind without expecting anything in return is still a thing. The city of La Marque, Texas will recognize Williams at 1:45 p.m. Thursday at Waffle House.

“[The] City of La Marque is proud to have this thoughtful young woman working in our city and we’d like to acknowledge and honor her,” city spokeswoman Colleen Merritt said. “La Marque Mayor Bobby Hocking is passionate about our community’s youth and wants to encourage her dreams of attending college.”the city spokeswoman Colleen Merritt said.

Moral of the story kids, always offer love whenever you can — you never know who’s watching.