Artists and actors, like Matthew McConaughey, are paying their respects after the tragic Uvalde, Texas shooting. Read more inside.

R&B singer Kaash Paige became the first female recording artist to invest in an esports organization.

Fans are catching up on Netflix's Part 2 of Selena: The Series. There is one scene in particular that has social media buzzing. Beyoncé met Selena in the mall, and the show was sure to include this special moment. 

There has been a history of celebrities running for office. Another Hollywood star is hitting the campaign trail in Texas. Matthew McConaughey is toying with the idea of running for Texas governor, though his politics remain a mystery to us.  

2021 continues to give 2020 a run for its money.

The past few days for the state of Texas have been rough on all of its' residents dealing with an intense winter storm. Fortunately, a few Texas artists are doing their part for the community by giving what they can to those in need. 

Mayor Tom Boyd went on a distasteful rant, as Texans try to stay warm in freezing conditions. Head inside for videos of what people have been dealing with.

Most people already have a unique relationship with Waffle House — especially on late nights after the club. But a recent, heartwarming moment at a Houston Waffle House is making customers have a newfound respect for the restaurant. On Saturday,18-year-old Evoni Williams was working behind the counter when an older customer with an oxygen tank […]

Texas wasn't ready for snow; see how creative residents are getting inside.

@FamousAmos_SoFunny is back at it again with his WTF antics — and this time it involves a moving Uhaul truck.     What would you do if you saw this while driving on the highway? If you thought that wad cray, hit the flip to see another one of Amos’ wild “I bet you won’t” […]