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Matthew McConaughey

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There has been a history of celebrities running for office. California elected actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as governor in 2003. America voted its’ biggest reality star, Donald Trump, into office in 2016 and he became the new face of our nation. Another Hollywood star is hitting the campaign trail in Texas. Matthew McConaughey is toying with the idea of running for Texas governor, though his politics remain a mystery to us.

No one was checking for McConaughey in the political arena, but apparently he has never even declared his partisanship in the potential race. He has not voted in a primary in Texas. The award-winning actor declined to say whether or not he would run as a Democrat, a Republican or a Liberal.

According to The Hill, McConaughey says that running for Texas governor is a “true consideration,” and no longer just an idle fantasy to fill magazine interviews.

Perhaps, it was all a slightly flexed up political stunt? Maybe McConaughey’s recent political aspirations stem from his latest announcement that a Time to Kill is headed to HBO as a new limited series.  
A young Matthew McConaughey starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Sandra Bullock in an riveting courtroom drama, A Time To Kill, 25 years ago, which helped catapult McConaughey’s career. The film, based upon the 1989 John Grisham novel, followed McConaughey’s character, a fearless young lawyer, Jake Brigance as he defends a Black father who has killed two white men who brutally raped his daughter, facing an all-white jury and the Ku Klux Klan.
A Time to Kill became a box office hit, placing McConaughey at the top of Hollywood’s list of leading men and considerably one of the greatest Grisham adaptations to date.

Deadline’s sources say that HBO has acquired rights to Grisham’s sequel to the classic novel, A Time For Mercy, and are currently developing it as a limited series with McConaughey in final negotiations to reprise the role of defense attorney Brigance.

In the follow up novel, A Time for Mercy, Brigance becomes enthralled in a deeply divisive trial when the court appoints him to attorney for Drew Gamble, a shy 16-year-old boy who’s being accused of murdering a local deputy. Also set in the small town of Clanton, Mississippi, the locals would prefer a quick trial ending in the death penalty. However, Brigance digs up the facts and reveals there’s more to uncover within the case. Once again, Brigance jeopardizes both his career and family to save another innocent life.

Sources tell Deadline that the series would be eight to ten episodes with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who served as Warner Bros. exec when was green lighted, on to produce it. No release date has been announced for HBO’s A Time For Mercy.