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If you’re thinking about going to see White Boy Rick this weekend, you will be putting your money to good use. The movie tells the story of Rick Wershe Jr. a product of his environment, who was selling guns with this father at 14 years old then ended up caught up in the drug game. Rick Wershe Sr is a single dad who’s doing his best to raise two kids in the crack era in Detroit. He pushes guns but that gets him and his son caught up with the FBI and that starts a series of events that has become legend.

The film starts off with young Rick trying to buy a Russian AK-47 at a gun show but after a close inspection he realizes is actually an Egyptian knockoff. He After the opening scene it was clear that Young Rick had game. The movie moves right along with entertaining scene after entertaining scene, dealing with family arguments in the street, gun selling and getting caught up in the feds.

The movie stars Richie Merritt Jr a first-time actor, who embodies all the qualities of the real White Boy Rick. While he definitely pulled off the role, after the first act you start to see that Richie doing his very best to hold his own with the top quality of actors. Director Yann Demange told me that “it wasn’t him acting up to their level but them coming down to him.” There were definitely a few scenes when I felt like Richie was being completely out-acted but when you’re in a scene with the likes of Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree Henry, Bruce Dern and Matthew McConaughey that is bound to happen.

Despite acting experience, the movie moves at a great pace and is filled with twist and turns if you don’t know the story and hits all the notes of the story if you do. A great movie-going experience to check out this weekend.

During this week’s episode of Extra Butter, I sit down with the cast to get to know Richie Merritt and Bel Powley who plays White Boy Rick’s drug-addicted sister Dawn and chop it up with Matthew and Yann.

White Boy Rick opens everywhere on September 14th and stars Richie Merritt Jr, Oscar Award winner Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Atlanta’s Brian Tyree May, Bel Powley, RJ Cyler, YG, Danny Brown, Jonathan Majors and more.

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